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As an internationally certified coach, speaker, author and business development expert, news and media representatives can turn Meridith Elliott Powell for her expertise. She has earned an enthusiastic following among industry leaders across the nation for her ability to help businesses understand – and thrive in – today’s challenging economy.

Meridith’s signature high-energy style and ability to connect with people make her a sought-after motivational business speaker and media contributor. She is the co-host of Spotlight Carolina, a program that focuses on business owners and entrepreneurs. Most recently, Meridith signed with the Ambitious Entrepreneur Network (one of the top 100 networks for small businesses) to host a weekly podcast, Secrets to Success. Meridith is also the author of multiple books and articles on the subject of professional and personal success.

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Meridith Elliott Powell is available to contribute unique insights and featured content to media professionals working on various business growth topics, articles, and interviews.

All content provided is customized for your specific needs and target outcomes. Possible story angles include:

  • Understanding & Succeeding in Today’s Economy
  • Trust & Value—Today’s Competitive Advantage
  • Relationship Development & Networking
  • Business & Sales Strategy
  • Employee Engagement & Innovation
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Client Connections – Webinar Series

  • How profitable is your sales model? Do you know your market niche? In this webinar, guest Marissa Levin is sharing her secrets to help your business reach its greatest levels of personal and organizational potential.
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lessons in leadership

Meridith Powell lays out the beauty of struggle today to Rick Clemmons

10 Minutes with Meridith Elliott Powell!

Meridith talks about The Crucial Path to Employee Engagement with host John Golden on Sales Pop!

Meridith talks ‘leadership’ with Robert Ferguson on KEY5 Speaker Podcast!

Building Maintaining and Expanding Relationships for Business Success with Meridith Elliott Powell and The Entrepreneur Way!

Check out Meridith’s business success tips in her guest appearance on #TheEntrepreneurWay 7 day a week podcast.

Aimmee Kodachian interviews Meridith Elliott Powell, “How To Succeed No Matter What This Economy Does.”

Meridith talks Business Growth Strategy on this episode of Cook Things Entrepreneurs Do with Thom Singer.

Biggest Sales Mistakes! Must watch panel discussion with Meridith Elliott Powell, Barbara Giamanco and Andy Paul.

Listen to Meridith talk about preparing your business for 2018 on the Hollis Chapman Show!

If keeping your customers happy is your number one concern you better make sure your employees are too. Powerful conversation with a top business growth expert Meridith Elliott Powell and Kate Delaney. You won’t look at business the same once you listen to this episode of Forbes Books at bedtime.

Meridith joins Ken Thoreson and Roy Osing in this panel discussion answering the question, “How Can You Really Attain Sales Quotas?”

In this episode with Warren Wandling, Meridith Elliott Powell identifies the factors that contributed to her success, discover the authors that influenced her, understand the greatest obstacle her clients encounter and receive other advice from her book.

The C-Suite Network knows that success is all about how you build relationships. Meridith shares some valuable skills on making your time beneficial by not placing the focus only on yourself on this episode of Mere Mortals Unite.  

On this podcast, John Murphy of John Murphy International learns from Meridith about Trust and Value: How Can They Separate You from the Competition

Meridith brings her corporate sales and leadership background to bear on helping her clients everything they need to know about how to make this economic work for them on this Work Alchemy podcast!

From Entitled to Empowered: A Conversation with Marlo Higgins, Chief Inspirational Officer, and Business Growth Expert, Meridith Elliott Powell.  In this episode of 22 Minutes with Marlo, Marlo and Meridith discuss the value of learning from your own mistakes in a society that fears failure.

Meridith and P2Binvestor CEO Krista Morgan Redefine Responsibility on this School for Startups Radio interview

Engel Jones is the podcast host of “The Twelve Minute Convos.”  Listen to the #12minconvo Meridith had with Engel

Female Red Zone podcast with Meribeth Kuzmeski featured Meridith on “Secrets To Getting Others To Creat Opportunities For You”

Accelerate Podcast with Andy Paul: The Art of Customer Relationship Building

Host Wendy Hanson interviewed Meridith on her show, Banter Chat

Meridith was featured on Social Spurs with Aaron Janx, from Winning in the Trust and Value Economy!

Discover Lehigh Valley featured 3 Ways to Make Change Happen on their blog site

Listen in as Meridith is interviewed by Bill Guthrie: Build Your Network, Change Your Life, from his Peak Marketer podcast

Dr. Cindi Ackrill interviewed Meridith on her show, Tapped In, on Keeping Your Energy Up amidst stressful workloads. How do you continue to find your work/life balance?

Women’s Radio interviewed and shared insights from Meridith Elliott Powell on how to Succeed in a “Trust and Value Economy”.

Get inspired as Meridith shares her secrets with Cloris Kylie on blogtalkradio’s broadcast, How To Succeed in Today’s Economy

Meridith is a guest on The Gary Smith Show, discussing her new book ‘Just Own It!’

Your Partner In Success Radio with Denise Griffitts

Meridith on The Trust and Value Economy during the LIVE BIG SUMMIT

How to Win Consumers In The New Trust & Value Economy was recently aired on The Possibility Partners webcast with Ande Lyons

The Networking CEO radio appearance

Meridith on Wendy Hanson Connects

City National Bank clip from “Creating a Culture of Engagement”

Click the links below to listen in on Meridith and Ann Marie Cross, host of Ambitious Entrepreneur on Web Talk Radio as they discuss a few “Rules” to help you open the door to opportunities.

Articles & Accolades

Meridith’s book – Own It: Redfining Responsibility makes the top 50 sales books in 2018!

Meridith talks to the CAI about The Most Important Employee Engagement Strategy

Mereidith talks – 4 Strategies To Succeed No Matter What with SalesPOP!

Want sales success in 2018? Read Meridith’s 3 Strategies To Increase Performance at SalesPOP!

Why You’re Losing Sales. Meridith give 3 sales strategies TOP SALES MAGAZINE to turn it all around

Meridith explains the Most Critical Employee Engagement Strategies to Sales POP!

Follow Meridith on Sales Pop!


Check out what Meridith loves about SalesPOP and sales itself, why sales managers must collaborate with salespeople on quotas, selling in today’s (very different) economy, her own favorite buying experience, and her top selling lesson for 2018.

The evolving economy calls for evolving sales strategies and techniques, but the most important thing sales professionals can do to boost their business in 2018 and beyond is to put the customer first. This was the core of Meridith Elliot Powell’s message to attendees at Tuesday’s Expo Keynote Luncheon, “Open More Doors, Close More Sales.”

Meridith tells us why we NEED to roll play in this Sales POP! article!

Here are 4 Strategies For Sales and Marketing Alignment from Meridith on SalesPop!

Need help with getting sales NOW? Meridith is on Sales Gravy to give you 5 Tips To Fill A Dry Pipeline FAST!

Meridith talks to SalesPop! about 3 Strategies To Build Long Term Customer Relationships

Meridith shares “The Power Of The 4th Quarter” with Sales POP!

This Sale Pop! article features Meridith and her 4 Ways To Get “Yes” More!

Meridith gives Sales POP! 3 Simple Strategies To Win New Business!

Meridith explains the 5 Things You MUST Know About Sales to the SalesPOP! audience!

SalesPOP! asks Meridith, “Why would you rate prospecting high on the list of sales skills, and how could a salesperson come to enjoy it?” Click here for Meridith’s answer!

There are 3 reasons you can’t close the deal.  Click here and read what Meridith tells SalesPOP! readers what they need to do about it!

Meridith says, “It’s not about price” to Treeline, Inc. as a top sales leader!

Meridith Elliott Powell speaks to GreatAmerica Financial Services about the new sales techniques and strategies designed for a different type of customer in today’s shifting economy.

“I think Asheville is a forward-thinking city that is looking to put great people into leadership roles, they just happen to be women.” says Meridith Elliott Powell, nationally recognized author and business coach, who lives in Asheville, NC

Sell Online or In Person? Meridith gives Sales Pop! Online Sales Magazine 3 Strategies To Integrate Your Online & In-Person Sales Strategy

Meridith discusses “Strategies to Diversify and Design the Board of the Future” in this issue of Credit Union Times Magazine

Meridith shares her sales tip as an expert for Sales POP! Online Sales Magazine.

Successful branding requires careful planning and a smart strategy. Meridith and sixteen other members of Forbes Coaches Council each share one way to accomplish this.

Meridith and the rest of Forbes Coaches Council offer their advice on the best ways to prepare for 11 Ways To Prepare For (And Ace) Situational Interview Questions

Meridith tells CRaKN that “Attendees are going to walk away with a plan of action that will put them in a position of control.” She’ll be covering these topics at this year’s NFDA’s Professional Women’s Conference

Meridith shares her 5 Strategies To Make Your Succession Plan ROCK Solid with The Huffington Post

In this FastCompany article, Meridith helps put into prospective How To Be Your Own Accountability Partner

Meridith on  How To Break Up With A Client Without Burning the Bridge in this FastCompany article

Meridith and the Forbes Council explain 10 Tips For An Incentive Program That Goes Beyond Compensation

Along with the rest of the Forbes Coaches Council, Meridith chimes in on the 11 Qualities Necessary For The Modern Sales Pro

Meridith shares with Forbes Nine Strategies For Better Retention During A Restructure

Meridith talks to Sales Pop about 4 Reasons Not To Delegate Sales Leadership

Meridith offers this Forbes article her take on “Establishing An Emotional Connection With Customers? Here’s How To Adjust Your Strategy”

Forbes picked up Meridith’s article “8 Signs Your Team Could Benefit From Team-Building Activities”

Meridith is a member of the exclusive Forbes Coaches Council! Check out her Coach Profile!

To Network, You Have To Engage, Not Just Show Up, was featured in American Banker

Keynote Speaker Patty Farmer turned to trusted colleagues: 13 Buiness Travel Experts Share Their Top 3 Travel Tips

The Citizen-Times turned to Meridith for insight for their article “Asheville companies likely to see organic growth, new product lines and markets”

Motivation Is An Inside Job was posted in HR.com online magazine

Meridith was named one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to watch in 2016!

The Biltmore Beacon featured Meridith’s book release for Own It: Redefining Responsibility

March 13- 15, 2016 C-Suite Book Club is featuring Own It: Redefining Responsibility.  Sign up now to attend!

Meridith’s newest book is officially available on Amazon! Order your copy of Own It: Redefining Responsibility today!

Consistency + Accountability = Success was posted in London Management Centre’s blog

3 Strategies to Keep Uncertainty from Killing Your Business can be read via qualityservicemarketing.com

Register for Meridith’s webinar: Strategies to Close More Sales in a More Informed Market

Meridith was featured in ASI: Why Networking Matters

JenningsWire Podcast hosted Meridith for her interview Redefining Responsibility in the New Economy

Check out Meridith’s Avanoo Course options! She has both an 18-day course and a 30-day course available!

30 Days to a New You was released by Justin Sachs and 29 other authors, including Meridith Elliott Powell. Buy now on Amazon!

Evan Carmichael posted Meridith’s article How Much is No Costing You

Did You Open the Door for Your Competition was posted on Insurancenewsnet.

Meridith’s article, Trust: Your Competitive Advantage? was posted in The Pipeliner CRM Blog

Kevin W. McCarthy posted 4 Sales and Business Growth Strategies via On-Purpose

Spa Days and Office Beers Won’t Solve Your Bank’s Talent Problem, is on the American Banker website

Manage Energy, Not Time was posted in MyEmpoweredWorld.com and focuses on creating that work/life balance and creating business growth through working smarter, not harder.

Meridith was interviewed on SalesCoachWorld.com: Business Growth Expert Meridith Elliott Powell Interview

Asheville Citizen-Times turned to Meridith Elliott Powell for business growth insights! You can read the articles here and here!

Meridith was featured on The Good Men Project: 5 Secrets Your GPS Can Teach You About Communication

Being your best in business also means being your best YOU! Read more in Staying Fit and Healthy On the Run, from MyEmpoweredWorld.com

Meridith was in Asheville Citizen-Times’ How to keep Asheville’s corporate culture engaged

Pipeliner CRM posted: Make ‘Em FAT! 3 steps To a Healthy, Strong Sales Culture!

3 Strategies to Radically Engage Your Customers was posted in Motivational Speaker’s Review

HR.com featured The Missing Link, Why Your Top Talent Is Leaving, as their feature article for the month

From Pipeliner CRM blog: Meridith shares 4 Strategies Salespeople Can Take Away From Political Campaigns

End Entitlement: 4 Strategies You Need to Develop Top Talent, posted in HR.com. This article is a MUST-READ for those looking to instill ownership and create an environment of productivity!

5 Secrets Our GPS Can Teach Us About Communication, posted on MyEmpoweredWorld.com

Published in the NCACPA’s Interim Report: The Hidden Power of Tax Season – Five Strategies to Turn Your Busy Season Into Your Productive Season

From American Banker’s Association, 3 Vital Tips For Every Young Banker: How To Develop Talent From The Bottom Up

Meridith was honored to be listed in the Sales Coach World Directory as a Leadership Coach/Sales Trainer, Expert and Author

Are You Leading Your Team? 4 steps to ensure you are in charge was published in HR.com

Posted in St. Meyer & Hubbard: Building Female Talent From The Bottom Up

Why advisers should make both face-to-face and online networking priorities  posted by InvestmentNews

4 Thoughtful Strategies to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever, featured in Pipeliner CRM

BankThink: Save the Product Pitch for Later, Please.  In American Banker’s Consumer Finance. The confused mind does not buy!

Meridith is a member of the American Banker’s Association, with over 140 years of experience in helping to train and connect employees with experts

The Voice eMagazine article Meridith and her article “5 Reasons Relationship, Value, Consistency Matter More in This Economy” appeared on the cover of the November, 2012, issue of The Voice eMagazine.

SOLD Sales Executives article

Tougher Times interview

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Keynote Speaker Meridith Elliott Powell
“Meridith’s evaluations were off the chart! Participants love her!” – Cathy Daniels-
Lee, Program Coordinator, Nussbaum Center
“Meridith grabs your attention with passion and a practical promise of making a difference that matters.” – Ed Brenegar, Circle of Impact Coaching and Consulting; Program Coordinator, Lessons In Leadership
“I left your session, highly motivated, inspired and with an action plan for success.” – Cindy Clarke, Executive Director, Family Business Forum
“Thank you! Your program, energy and content were fantastic. Exactly what I asked for times ten! I am still getting positive feedback!” – CeCe Hipps, Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce
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