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Stop Letting Change Control You. Start Leveraging Change To Fuel Growth. Start Turning Obstacles Into Opportunity!

How far could your organization go - What could you accomplish - if you believed disruption was the catalyst for opportunity?

If you’re like most leaders, the word uncertainty can leave you feeling uncomfortable, unsure, and maybe even a little fearful – Especially in today’s climate of market downturns, pending recession, supply chain challenges, and talent shortages.

Rethink Uncertainty to Redefine Your Success

The truth is, uncertainty does not need to be negative. If embraced, uncertainty can be the engine that propels your business forward, drives innovation, and creates new opportunities for greatness.

My powerful 9 Step Formula For Thriving In Uncertainty® will give you the tools you need to navigate today’s rapidly changing marketplace to ensure you achieve phenomenal results.

It’s Time to Lean into Uncertainty

Don’t let today’s uncertainty become an obstacle to your success.

What if you could use today’s unpredictability to drive your organization’s growth?

The good news is, you can!

In my search to discover how uncertainty impacts business growth, I developed my powerful
9 Step Formula For Thriving In Uncertainty®.

I want you to apply this methodology to your business, so you can get on track to have your best year yet!

Hi, I'm Meridith Elliott Powell CSP, CPAE

I know that you want your business to consistently grow and thrive regardless of all the uncertainty in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, today's market downturns, pending recession, supply chain challenges, and talent shortages have left many leaders scratching their heads, wondering if success is even possible right now.

I understand how turned around today’s market can make you feel.

But why does uncertainty always need to be seen as a bad thing?

What if we stopped viewing uncertainty as something that prevents us from being successful, and instead start to embrace it as the thing that can propel our business forward?

Presentations, Content, and Courses

Keynote Presentations

Meridith is a business motivational speaker who gets her audiences to do the impossible – take action! Voted one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to Watch by Currency Fair, she delivers highly engaging presentations that help her clients learn the leadership development, sales, and business growth strategies required to turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage.

Original Research

In an original study of more than 800 CEO’s and business leaders in cooperation with The Center for Generational Kinetics, we outline why uncertainty can be your great opportunity and competitive advantage. Plus, get our proven 9-Step Formula for leveraging to engage your team and create long term sustainable growth.

Online Courses

Meridith’s online courses will help you increase sales and design an organizational team as passionate as you are about driving results. Her courses provide everything you need to increase sales, develop your leadership skills, and ensure you succeed no matter what this economy does!

Meridith's session THRIVE: Turning Uncertainty To Competitive Advantage was amazing. It was the perfect combination of hope, empowerment, and gave us concrete action steps that we can take right now. LOVED it!


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