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In todays rapidly changing economic climate, most leaders and businesses struggle with…

  • Unmotivated Employees
  • Long Sales Cycles
  • Lack of Customer Loyalty
  • Need to Innovate and Embrace Change

  • Inconsistent Growth
  • Increased Competition
  • Finding and Retaining Top Talent
  • Uncertainty About the Future

Meridith’s Keynote Presentations and Consulting Solutions are designed to help you successfully navigate unpredictability and change.

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Voted One of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to Watch – Meridith Gets It!

We live in a world that is constantly shifting – increasing competition, changing technology, and customer diversity all impact our future success. Meridith knows that the strategies and tactics that have made you successful in the past, will not be enough to ensure continued success in the future.

Meridith’s keynote presentations and consulting solutions are built on her proven framework to Thrive in Uncertainty.

So don’t let unpredictability become an overwhelming obstacle to your success. Learn the key principals for turning today’s rapidly changing business climate into your company’s strategic advantage.

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Meridith’s Most Requested Keynote Presentations.

Powerful Sales: Defy Marketplace Gravity!

Really? You are still watching the news, reading the reports and surfing the internet looking for that one guru, that wizard who can tell you what this economy is going to do? Wake up! This is not your mama’s economy. It is moving fast. Changing constantly. And it crushes businesses who can’t keep up.

Your success depends on your ability to build a business and develop a team that thrives on change and eats stagnation for lunch. This is a world where market fluctuations are the norm and competition grows like kudzu.

Powerful Sales:
Defy Marketplace Gravity!

Innovative Leadership: Leadership Redefined!

Employee engagement trumps customer engagement … every single time! The relationship you build with your employees is more important than the relationship you build with your customers. Yeah you heard me. Think about it! In today’s world it is not your product or service that is growing your bottom line it’s the experience your customers tweet about. The path to profitability and business growth is through employee engagement.

Innovative Leadership:
Leadership Redefined!

Mind Blowing Motivation: The Incredible Gift Of Struggle

Confidence, Hustle, Drive – what do those words have in common? They are the essence of the most successful among us. Traits gained when you commit to do whatever it takes. Imagine having the power to push through obstacles. The insight to turn excuses into solutions. And the courage to “go for it” and fly with “no-net. It all starts when you embrace the gif of struggle. Struggle is the best teacher. Better than any leader, coach or mentor. But only when you embrace it. Understand it. And you’re willing to go the distance.

Mind Blowing Motivation:
The Incredible Gift Of Struggle

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“Meridith was incredible. How she got our team (of 1200) up, active and engaged was amazing. Then she got them to do the impossible – take action!”

—Dan Allison, CEO, Vitalize Consulting Solutions, Inc.

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Business Growth Strategy, Coaching & Consulting.

Strategic Leader – Business Growth Strategist – Gold Certified Strategist

Are you are still competing like everyone else, and looking for ways to succeed no matter what this economy does? Gold master certified business growth strategist, Meridith Elliott Powell and her team will help you convert your business plans into actions.

We have a proven process that helps you understand how this economy has changed, how those changes have impacted your industry, your customers, and your employees and specifically what you need to do to succeed no matter what this economy does. Stop letting this economy drive you, and let us show you how to start driving this economy.

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Coaching & Consulting Programs.

“Knowing and having Business Growth Strategist Meridith Elliott Powell as a resource is more than a gold mine in itself! She is a dynamic and energy driven individual who will go the distance to make things happen.”

– Diane Eller, COO Carolina Optometric

Strategic Planning

Meridith is a gold level master certified business growth strategist from the University of San Diego. Her innovative approach to strategic planning involves a four-step process that gets your full team engaged to take ownership; creates a strong and focused plan; ensures implementation and leaves room for flexibility and change.

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LEAD – Leadership, Education,
Acceleration Development

This is Meridith’s unique and customized program for high-potential and next level leadership development in your company. A ten-month group coaching program designed to build the confidence, knowledge, and expertise of your future leaders. Unlike any other program you have seen, this leadership development process builds community, develops talents, all why driving bottom line results.

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Custom and individual coaching programs designed for CEOS, C-Suite Professionals and next level leaders. Areas of focus include Business Growth, Strategy, Leadership and Sales.

“Best business coach around!”
– Grant Gosh, First Light Solar

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Team Building

Interactive, fun, and both indoor and outdoor activities are available to help improve communication and technical skills for an enhanced work environment. Multiple programs are available for small companies to C-Suites. Fully customizable, Meridith offers team building and corporate activity learning packages that will ensure you exceed your goals!

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