February 5

3 Things Sales ROCKSTARS Do Better Than Everyone Else


The following guest blog is by author & sales trainer Jeff Krantz:

Rockstars are fascinating people. Their personalities and talents inspire crowds of devoted groupies who eagerly pack auditoriums by the thousands. Their fans want to experience their performance.

In sales, there are precious-few professionals who ever reach ROCKSTAR status. And by Sales ROCKSTAR, we mean the top 3 percent of producers in their industry. It’s unfortunate, but most sales people happily settle for mediocrity instead of being the best-of-the-best.

In my years of Sales Performance Coaching and Consulting, I’ve observed three unique things that Sales ROCKSTARS do better than everyone else.

1.    Prospect like ROCKSTARS

Effective sales prospecting is oil in the sales engine. If you don’t perpetually fill the top of the funnel with the best prospects, your engine will sputter and stall.

Top producers use their talent to market themselves and slam their calendars full of qualified sales appointments. Think of it – if all you did was see more prospects, you would sell more. Imagine how productive you could be if you could literally double your sales appointments by employing the most effective prospecting methods.

The ROCKSTARS are always about sourcing new business and meeting with the most ideal clients.

 2.    Multiply Productivity using proven systems

Top Producers understand the value of time and how to maximize productivity. They do this by following proven systems of success.

This includes having a proven sales process that yields consistent and quantifiable results. I’m often shocked to learn of individuals who do not have a systematic way of selling. Selling works best when it is done on purpose and with purpose by following a proven consultative selling system with every client.

The most productive organizations have designed, trained and implemented a systematic way of selling that is tailored to the remarkable value their firm delivers. Productivity magnifies exponentially when it is also supported with effective sales performance coaching.

3.    Have FUN!

Lighten up! Life and business weren’t designed to be drudgery. Fox News reports the research of Dr. Stuart Brown, the founder of the National Institute for Play. Dr. Brown indicates that people are more creative and productive when they have fun at work.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when all departments and functions of an organization work together harmoniously as a team. Working as a collaborative team makes work more fun and fosters increased productivity.

When employees enjoy their work, the positive energy spills over to the clients they serve and everyone wins.

What are your top strategies or stories to Prospect, Multiply Productivity and Have Fun? Take a moment to share your stories and comments here.

Jeff Krantz is the creator of the Double Your Sales Appointments Prospecting System™. He is author of the wildly-popular books Sales ROCKSTAR – How Top Producers Perform and Treat ‘em Like a ROCKSTAR – Delivering the Encore Customer Service Experience. To learn more about Jeff’s services, visit www.KrantzTraining.com

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