January 15

5 New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS – To Turn Your Business On Its Head!

Welcome to 2012! It is that time of year again, time to make New Year’s Resolutions. That time when we theoretically  start over, set new goals, and promise ourselves this is the year we are going to do things differently.

I am all about New Year’s Resolutions. And I know that while I love them, I also know that some people wish the tradition had never been started. Many feel that New Year’s Resolutions are just another thing to make us feel bad about ourselves. A time to set goals we will never achieve and goals we will spend all year kicking ourselves for not accomplishing.

Well, I could not feel more different about resolutions. For me, the new year means a new start. A time to sit back and reflect and ask ourselves: What went well this past year? What do I deserve a pat on the back for? What were my challenges? If I had the chance to do it all over again, what would I do differently?  New Year’s Resolutions are just the opportunity you need to break bad habits, enhance positive ones, and set yourself up for success in 2012!

Face it, this economy is shifting and you need to shift with it. Things are not down in this economy, they are changed — radically different — and they are never going back to the way they were.  In fact, economists agree. They say we have moved out of a push economy and into a pull economy. And in a pull economy the consumer is in control. They decide where, when, how and from whom they are going to buy. This makes what we sell a commodity, but how we sell it our competitive advantage. This is Trust & Value Economy, and trust and value are the return on investment consumers are looking for.

If you want to succeed in 2012, and if you want to win in the Trust & Value Economy then you need to break bad habits and limiting beliefs, and you need to adopt new strategies that will turn your business on its head! You need to adopt these 5 New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS that will get you and your business moving.

1. First, Blame Yourself – Take an hour each day and spend time reflecting on 2011. Be brutally honest with yourself. What worked, what didn’t and what could you have done better? No blaming the economy, your customers, your employees or your mother.

2. Sell Less – You need to sell less and spend more time getting to know, really know your customers and your prospects. This is a trust and value economy, one that is based on relationships.

3. Limit Connections – You need to move from being a great networker to becoming a master networker. It is not the quantity of your relationships that will allow you to succeed in 2012, but rather the quality and depth of them.

4. Embrace Turnover – Face it, not everyone shares your vision, your passion or your adaptability for growth. Be okay with that, and realize that turnover in a shifting economy is not only a natural thing, it is a good thing.

5. Think Small – In order to grow, you need to think small and you need to get focused. The economy is constantly changing and you need to move, plan and shift in one big fluid motion.

Yes, a little time for reflection is just what you need to set yourself up for success in 2012!  Adopt these 5 New Years ReSOLUTIONS, turn your business on its head, and get yourself moving!



Meridith Elliott Powell

Voted one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to watch by Currency Fair, highly engaging corporate motivational keynote speaker Meridith Elliott Powell delivers a cutting-edge message, rooted in real-life examples and real-world knowledge. Meridith’s presentations are full of powerful content, highly interactive, and fun. She helps her clients learn the leadership development, sales and business growth strategies to turn uncertainty to competitive advantage.

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