June 18

The Client Connection – the 5 Principles of the Go-Giver!

For those of us lucky enough to listen to The Client Connection yesterday, we had the opportunity to speak with Bob Burg, co-author of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver who says: “When you can take your focus off yourself and shift it onto how you can be an asset of value to other people, you’ll plant seeds of goodwill — of great will — that will come back to you many, many times over. And, not because of some magical, mystical type of thinking, but because it makes absolutely practical sense.”

When we think about increasing our bottom line performance, we don’t necessarily think giving more than we receive is a profitable business model. However, Bob’s philosophy is ““Shifting your focus from “getting to giving” is not only a nice way to live life…but a very financially profitable way, as well.” He has proved that this mindset work, and works phenomenally well over and over again.

I learned a lot, and plan to listen again. Until then, here are three ideas I gained, and three strategies I plan to implement from Go-Giver extraordinaire, Bob Burg.

Three Ideas I Gained:

  1. Learn and live the 5 Principles – these are a set of principles for how to operate in the world. Aim to provide value; to serve many people well; to help others reach their goals; to be yourself and possibly most importantly, to stay open to receiving these gifts from others.
  2. Sales Misperceptions –  Selling really can be defined as discovering what somebody wants needs and desires and helps them to get it. Selling is not about taking. Selling at its root is all about giving. When you are in the selling process, define what you are giving, i.e., time, attention, counsel, education, empathy, value.
  3. Practice What You Preach – Being a go-giver is about becoming the most valuable person to do business with, and ways you can grow your value and reach. It’s about prioritizing your wants and needs correctly, so that you create abundance and earn influence that will help you propel your business.

Three Strategies I Plan To Implement:

  1. Be a giver AND a receiver – Focus on the giving of value and then allow the receiving. When you have provided exceptional value to people, to the lives of many, focusing on them and placing their interests first and doing it in an authentic way you have begun the receiving process.
  2. Define success – The great thing about success is that it means something different to everyone. It’s what we make it. It’s what we decide we want it to be. It’s on our own terms.
  3. Incorporate the 5 Principles– sound unique and meaningful ways to incorporate the wisdom into our work, our relationships, and our perspectives.

Thank you again for listening to The Client Connection. Be sure to join us for our next program set for August 18, 2015 when I will be talking with Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible which just broke the $2m Retail Sales Mark!
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Meridith Elliott Powell

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