October 18

The Six Myths About Selling


man-602684_192010/18/2016 – There is no getting around it – Sales is the lifeblood of any business. Without the sale, nothing can happen. You can’t win customers. You can’t make a profit. And, you certainly can’t grow the business. So, if sales is so important, why do so many people shy away from it? Why do so many people struggle with it? Are there myths about selling?

Well, I thought, those are really interesting questions. Ones I wanted to know the answer to. I was curious. I mean really, are people who are successful at selling more talented than people who aren’t? Do they have better skills? Are they just natural born sales people? Well as tempting as these myths about selling may be to believe, the reality is, they are just not true. 

The are only two true differences between people who succeed at selling and those who don’t.

  1. What they tell themselves.
  2. The actions they take.

Successful sales people understand that sales may be simple, but it is not easy. It takes time, dedication, commitment and the right attitude. There is no magic bullet and no quick fix. 

Successful Sales People NEVER Fall Victim to the Six Myths About Selling That Most People Fall For:

1. I Am Not In Sales 

Like it or not, everyone is in sales. We are all sales people. The sooner you figure that out, the faster you will embrace what you need to do to be good at sales. Sales is not a role that belongs to just some people in a company. Sales is not someone else’s job. No matter your role in the company, sales is your job. To succeed today, you need every member of your team to understand they are in sales and embrace the role.

2. Networking Is A Waste Of Time  

Sales is the new cold call. The sales process is longer today because you need to get to know customers before you ask for their business. To sell today, you need to build relationships. The best way to build relationships is to network. It is about reaching out, connecting, investing in people long before they ask you to. This is world where the relationships, not products or services, are growing business.

3. Don’t Need To Follow-Up 

Oh yes you do!  The sale happens in the follow-up. I mean think about it, what are the odds that you will call on someone at the exact time that they are in need of your product or services? Slim to none. So, we need to find innovative and creative ways to follow-up and stay in touch with customers. Then, when they are ready to buy, they think of us. A closed sale is the final in a series of small calls.

4. I Take Care Of My Existing Customers

Sure, we all think we do. But the truth is, there is always a gap between the services our customers use and the needs they have. There is gold in your current customer base. The top two reasons our customers don’t do more with us: 
  • They do not know what we have to offer.
  • We never asked.

We all think because we know our customers, we like them and they like us, they feel taken care of. The truth is, for most of our customers, there are so many more products or services we could offer. Products or services that would help them grow and achieve their goals

5. Price Matters

There’s an easy excuse to use when we can’t close the sale: we can’t compete on price. I know I have used it myself, but honestly, price is not a factor. It is the same as the other myths about selling. If you are focusing on the right customers. If you are selling value. If you are helping them understand the risk of not doing business with you. The factor of price will be nothing more than a myth.

6. Don’t Need A Sales Strategy 

No matter how long you have been doing this, how good you are at selling – everyone needs a sales strategyTo succeed at sales you need to focus. You need a plan. And you need tracking, to learn what you are doing well and what you must improve. You can only get better if you create a sales strategy, stick to it and learn from it. A sales strategy is the most effective tool to not only communicate goals, but to achieve them.

So there you have the six, well at least the top six, myths about selling we tell ourselves and each other. I am on a mission. I want people to learn to love selling and to learn to be good at it.  Sales is important for every company, for every customer and for every person. To succeed in today’s economy you need to embrace your inner sales person.

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