March 22

A Sales Call Is A Privilege


4 Strategies You Need To Open Door and Close More Sales

Yesterday morning on Sales Logic (a sales effectiveness podcast show Mark Hunter and I do every Saturday morning), a listener asked, “How do I  have a high-quality conversation with a brand-new prospect when I don’t know that much about the prospect or their company yet? Isn’t that the point of the sales call?”

The answer – NO! Absolutely not. That is not the point of the sales call. In this day and age, the idea of using the first call to get to know your prospect is long gone. With the amount of information you have at your fingertips, you need to have done your homework and learned as much as you can about a prospect before you ever make your first call.

Their time and Your Time = Money

Why? Because a sales call is a privilege, and you need to treat it like one. When you make a sales call, you are taking something from your prospect that is very important to them, something they cannot get back, and that is their time. You need to make it well worth their investment.

When making sales calls, you are also giving away your time, which is precious to you and something you cannot get back. According to, the average cost of a sales call ranges from $100 to $250 (depending on years of experience and salary.) Think about that, if the average salesperson makes three calls per day over the course of a year (allowing for vacations and holidays) that is an annual cost ranging from $75,000 to $187,000 per year.

If you invest that much money in making sales calls, don’t you want to ensure that you make money. Or more importantly, you don’t lose money?

When successful, sales calls yield the highest return rate, and without them, you cannot stay in business. But keep in mind they are expensive. So, if the investment is high, you need to do everything you can to ensure that that your return on that investment is worth the effort for both you and your customer.

4 Strategies You Need To Open More Doors and Close More Sales

1. Treat The Sales Call Like A Privilege:

Wrap your head right around what a sales is, and be respectful that you are asking your prospect for their time. If they are going to invest this precious resource in you, what will you do to ensure it is worth their effort? My fellow sales expert and friend, Larry Levine, always says you need to ask yourself, “Are you worthy of a sales conversation?” A great question to ask and answer before you ever make that call.

2. Do Your Homework:

Learn as much as you can about your prospect before the appointment. Anything that you can find on the internet, by reading annual reports or studying their website, you need to have done and already know. Don’t waste their time or yours by asking questions you should already have the answers to.

3. Invest In Valuable Conversations:

Use the research and information you gathered to go deeper. Prepare questions for the conversation that make your prospect think. Look to add solutions and ideas that are creative, innovative, and will truly help your prospect grow their business and solve their biggest challenges.

4. Control The Close:

At the close of every sales meeting, the next move should be yours. Always suggest the next meeting, set the follow-up plan, and take the burden out of the hands of your prospect. Why? Because no one wants this deal to close more than you, so take responsibility to usher it across the finish line.

A sales call is a privilege and should always be treated like one. Use these strategies to provide a more valuable sales experience and watch as you open more doors and close more sales.

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