November 23

Are You Ready for The Holiday Season?


Hey, this is Meridith Elliott Powell. And guess what? It is almost the holiday season. And whether you celebrate or not like it or not, this is the time of year when things slow down. Well, most things should slow. If you are in the sales profession, if you are trying to grow a business, do not take your foot off the gas. You need to sell straight through the holiday season. Now I hear you, you want time with friends and with family and you deserve a little time off. But what you do in this last six weeks of the year that is going to determine not only how you finish out 2021, but how you start 2022. So number one, get a strategy. Be mindful and thoughtful about who you need to call on. Holidays are not a great time to be cold calling. You want to focus on some of those existing customers or hot prospects. You need to revisit again, then be intentional about how you’re going to follow up and reach out and call on them. What are you going to say? How are you going to be soft with it around the holidays? yet still be firm, because listen, there’s a lot of money still left on the table. People are looking to close out budgets, spend that end of the year. That’s money that’s in there. They need to get their taxes reduced. So you want to make sure and be thoughtful and intentional about how you’re going in and last, but not least set yourself up and position yourself for 2022. Even if you close a deal with a client, let them know you’ll circle back in the first quarter of the year so that you can partner together to make 2022 their best year on record. So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves. Let’s get to work and let’s sell straight through the holiday season. And turn all of this uncertainty into a major competitive advantage.


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