December 29

Bill Treasurer – Leading Yourself, People, The Work


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Joining Meridith today is Bill Treasurer, owner, and founder of Giant Leap Consulting for over 20 years. Giant Leap Consulting is a courage-building company that helps people in organizations drive out fear to get superior performance and be more courageous in their interactions with one another. Before that, Bill worked with Accenture, one of the world's largest management and technology consulting companies. He was their first full-time internal executive coach and was coaching leaders who outranked him and had more leadership experience.

Meridith and Bill discuss leadership challenges in a post-Covid, hybrid work environment. They also talk about the most critical aspect of being a leader.

Bill tells Meridith about his new book "Leadership Two Words at a Time" and how narrowing down problems into two words to resolve an issue can be beneficial and make taking action inevitable. They cover the importance of the book's three sections: Leading Yourself, Leading People, and Leading the Work. Hear which one Bill thinks is the most crucial to be a great leader.

Bill talks about the inspiration from one of his earlier books, Leaders Open Doors, and the brilliance in its simplicity. Finally, bill shares his best advice for setting your 2023 goals with Meridith.

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