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Turn Goals Into Actions With  Business Strategy Coaching

In today’s fast-paced business world, you don’t have the luxury of stopping to focus solely on a strategic plan. You need to work in your business, while still working on your business.

A gold master certified strategist, Meridith Elliott Powell will help you convert your business plans into actions. Using the Four Pillars of Profit—strategy, finance, human development and communication—she’ll work with you and your team to create a dynamic strategic plan. Your new strategic plan will give your company clear direction, and see that every area of your business is active, accountable and achieving.

Business Strategy Packages


Strategy Tune-Up

This half-day session ensures you are executing and reaping the benefits of the strategic plan you already have in place. You’ll assess your results to date, remain flexible to new opportunities, and keep the plan moving forward. You’ll leave this session re-energized and more committed than ever to getting results. A short session with powerful impact!


Systems Thinking Strategy

A systems thinking strategic plan gives you the tools you need to move your company forward and manage the daily running of it at the same time. You’ll set direction, define actions and set a plan for implementation. Your new strategic plan will get your team on board and ready to achieve results.


Business Sales Strategy

This session specifically addresses business growth and sales implementation strategies. Meridith will help you develop your strategic plan and then tackle the “how.” You’ll determine the day-to-day actions you need to take to reach and surpass your sales goals. You’ll leave with a sure-fire plan to increase overall sales effectiveness! Half and full-day sessions available.


Assessment Strategies

Want to know the secret of how to put your organization on top? Ask for feedback. Feedback is critical if you want to keep your company cutting-edge, highly competitive and profitable. Assessment Strategies engage your clients, your team and even your competitors in the process of helping you understand how to reach the next level.

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Choose the Right Strategy

Choose the Strategy that best fits the needs of your organization.
  • Customer/Client– Designed to gather the information you need from your clients in order to improve your business. Highly confidential, fully customized and delivered in a way that positively positions you with your clients.

  • Organizational– Designed to gather the information you need from your leadership team, middle managers and associates. Highly confidential, fully customized and delivered in a way that positively positions you with your team. You’ll gain vital feedback, innovative ideas and solutions to build your team and strengthen your company.

  • Competitive– Designed to get an up-close and personal look at your competition. Learn their strengths and weaknesses, and discover your opportunities in the marketplace. Highly confidential, fully customized and delivered in a way that gets you valuable information discretely and accurately. Identify your competitive advantage!

“Meridith has the unique ability to clarify your organization’s mission and vision at a high level and develop a communication plan and specific action steps to drive results at every level on the team.”

—Candace Harper, Senior Vice President

Ready to Put Your Business Plan Into Action?