August 25

Business Growth Roundup – August 25, 2015


It’s that bittersweet time in August. It’s still summer, and if you’re lucky, you’re having a chance to enjoy it. But at the same time, the end of the third quarter also means back to the grind with increased sales targets and pressure that may have been a little bit more relaxed over the summer months. Let’s use this week’s Business Growth Roundup and the knowledge of my fellow industry experts to focus our thinking for the week to come.

3 Ways To Get Checked Out Employees to Check Back In
Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick

“Drumming on my desk with my pencils like George Costanza working on the Penske account . . . remember that episode? . . .” This article is all about the disengaged employee and the debate as to whether or not a disengaged employee can ever be reengaged again. I thought that statistics that Chester and Adrian pulled is this article were staggering. Apparently, the average employee spends 15 hours a month complaining about their manager which amounts to 22 full days a year complaining! That is a truly crippling crisis for your company. The military calls it  “retired on active duty” and that does seem like a fitting description. This article discusses the concerted effort required to reengage checked out people. Do you think it’s possible to turn someone around?

What’s Love Got to Do With Sales? jill-konrath-profile-1
Jill Konrath

I think Jill has written a really poignant post about the language that we use as sales people. It’s so easy to say certain things out of habit or enthusiasm, but what if our speech patterns are shooting us in the foot? Is your use of the word “love” turning off clients? Either on a conscious or subconscious level? In her post, Jill has also provided an excellent sample letter with a suggestion of the right kind of language and position for a contact email. Jill challenges us to look at our recent sales emails and review the language that we’re using. How could you rework your language to create business growth in your company?


[Note to the Sales Manager] Why Your Sales Reps Can’t Close
Joanne Black

This article is all about how failing to close a deal is not the problem; it’s a symptom of the real problem. The real problem is that sales reps are neglecting important activities during early stages of the sales process. Joanne wants us to start at the source of the problem and ask questions to determine where the real problems are rooted. She wants us to ditch the canned pitch and ask the right questions. I think this is a great article and that Joanne is getting at the true needs of this economy if you want to create business growth; she outlines some excellent points and has questions that every sales manager should consider.  The article was originally written for LinkedIn Publisher.

How To Create Smarter Sales Communication
Miles Austin

Miles has narrowed down the most inefficient part of the sales process – the area that causes the most friction – communication. I agree. As a result, the article is reviewing an interesting new tool called Tellwise which is meant to improve communication throughout the sales process. The idea behind Tellwise is that it’s not just for sales people; it’s been designed with the plan to improve communication for the buyer as well. What an interesting and prudent idea! I don’t think that anything like that exists. It makes so much sense, but I can’t help but wonder how you get the buyer, well, to buy in to use the tool? This is a tool that I’d like to learn more about. It’s compatible with your existing sales tools like Salesforce, Insideview, LinkedIn, etc. so it’s not a question of switching systems, it’s more about integration and maximizing your efforts. Have you had any experience with Tellwise or with a tool like it? Read the article and watch the video. Mike has arranged for his subscribers and readers to explore Tellwise without risk or cost so have a look at the article for more information.

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