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Business Growth Roundup – August 4, 2015


August is here! Between being on the road for one of my keynote speaking gigs, gearing up for my new book, and coaching some amazing companies to exceed in leadership and business growth, July flew by for me! I find myself saying that about many months of the year, but there’s something about summer that’s just impossible to hang on to, which is one of the bittersweet reasons why summer is such a special time of the year.

While you’re enjoying your summer, I hope that you’re also returning to your workweeks each Monday feeling refreshed after some time outdoors. Every week, I like to share what I’m reading and what is trending from some of today’s thought leaders and business growth experts. I hope you find this round up inspirational to your summertime post-weekend shift back to business mode. This week:

Own Your Day – How to Manage the Expected Interruption
Keith Rosen

Most of us can relate to the constant series of interruptions that make it hard for us to really focus on our priorities. It’s usually part of the demands of our positions as leaders. Whether it’s co-workers, or customers that we really do want to connect with and nurture, it can make productivity a challenge. I think that Keith has provided some really helpful reminders, insights, and ideas in his article. He’s broken his approach into two steps: Acknowledging and Confirming Urgency followed by Step Two: Demonstrating Respect, Then Scheduling a Time That Works. I, for one, will certainly be keeping this in mind as I work this week.

Too Busy to Get Referrals?
Joanne Black JBlack_72dpi

Joanne puts it squarely, and I love it: “Even when your plate is full, you’ve still got to eat.” In sales, that’s certainly the truth. We can’t afford to neglect referrals. We must stay in touch with prospects. No ifs or buts about it. Joanne talks about “call reluctance” and I think it’s something that we can all relate to as a hurdle that we had to get over at one time or another, or maybe for some people that’s a challenge that they face on a daily basis. She has some really good ideas and reminders in this article. Have a read. It’s worth your while.

Naked Emails that SELL – Author Gisela Hausmann shares how to write great emails
Brian Burns and Gisela Hausmann brutaltruth

Here’s another great podcast from Brian Burns about emails that sell. This time around, he’s speaking with author Gisela Hausmann about her book, “Naked Words”. She shares how to write great emails; how to craft emails that really sell. From subject line to how to position your content in the body of the email. Gisela calls herself an Email Evangelist and the interview that Brian Burns conducts is fascinating. You really need to have a listen to this one.

patlynchThe Role of Sales Enablement
Pat Lynch

In today’s trust and value economy, every member of your company has to take ownership of their role, and each employee is critical to your success. This article is all about creating the right dedicated sales enablement staff to support staff. When salespeople have the freedom to focus on just one thing, like sales process, they can give a lift across the entire sales organization. This article looks at statistics and shows that defining and building a sales enablement team for your sales organization is well worth the effort and expense. These guys really are the statistics and insights experts. I recommend you have a look at the graphs and statistics in the article to help reinforce the importance and value of building your sales enablement team to create success throughout your whole company.

winning in the trust and value economy

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