December 1

Business Growth Roundup – December 1, 2015


December is a month that requires maximum efficiency and focus. There are goals that we need to achieve now, before businesses truly break up for the holidays, or we’ll be scrambling to make up for lost time come January. I hope that you can establish and retain your focus this month, and that the ideas that I’ve rounded up from some of today’s top thought leaders will help to engage you and keep you in the zone. Enjoy.

Stop Branding Your Peoplekeithrosenbackground
Keith Rosen

What happens when managers label people based on their experience with them? What are the consequences? It’s the topic of Keith Rosen’s recent article about branding. Not branding in terms of marketing, but about how we classify people and what that means on a leadership level. He’s included an excerpt here that paints a very clear picture of the way that we (often inadvertently) box people in. The label that we put on someone limits is what inevitably limits them. We have to remove the labels and reset our thinking and our relationship with them in order to start to improve it. I think this is a beautiful illustration and I look forward to reading Keith’s Part II to this article.

matthewcook3 Reasons You Have Turnover on Your Sales Team
Matthew Cook

This is a problem that we’ll only be able to stop talking about when it’s resolved, and the end for this turnover problem is not yet in sight. One of the most common reasons why we have trouble retaining our sales people is because of an ineffective inbound marketing strategy, and that’s the subject of Matthew Cook’s article. Our strategy needs to be effective enough to allow our top performers to close deals and consistently meet their sales targets. When the strategy isn’t there, we lose our top performers. Our strategies are attracting the wrong leads, our leads aren’t sales ready, and our sales reps aren’t armed with the right tools. It’s a problem that we need to fix. Read Matthew’s article for insights and wisdom on the subject.

Once is Not Enough: Why Sales Training Reinforcement is a Must-Havepeterostrow
Peter Ostrow

When did we get the idea that effective training could be accomplished in a single session? Why isn’t there a greater focus on post-training reinforcement to support our team members on the lessons that they learned during their initial training? Peter Ostrow’s article has outlined performance results and business competencies of companies who emphasize sales learning not as just a single event, but as an ongoing sales culture. This shouldn’t be a groundbreaking concept, but in many ways it is. In fact, only 44% of organizations conduct post-training reinforcement. When you stop to think about it, that’s just plain crazy. Is it any surprise that many organizations then struggle with sales growth and compliance? This is a very thorough article from Peter that anyone in sales leadership should read.


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