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Business Growth Roundup – Jan 7, 2016


Happy New Year! I hope that you’re enjoying high energy and a new set of goals in the professional world, as well as all of the promise this time of year can fill in your personal life. As part of this week’s Business Growth Roundup, I’ve sourced three articles from some of today’s business growth experts and there is a theme that carries throughout these posts. I’ve started with the idea of storytelling in the first blog post from Caitlin Ridge. That theme continues with writings from Ken Krogue, and then also from Travis Bradberry. These are 3 excellent articles and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Data-driven Marketing: Where Has All the Storytelling Gone?caitlin-ridge
Caitlin Ridge

Storytelling is such an important element of any kind of relationship, whether business or personal. Caitlin Ridge of Lattice Engines has reminded us in this post that stories inspire us. And who couldn’t use inspiration? We are inspired by storytelling in the world of entertainment, but why should the technology and data-driven marketing world – or sales world for that matter – be any different? When we tell compelling stories, we better engage our clients, our teams, and even ourselves. What story are you telling?

kenkrogue25 Things I Learned From My Mom
Ken Krogue

This is a very touching and wise article from Ken Krogue. When his mother passed away, he chose to remember and pay tribute to her by summarizing the important lessons that she taught him. His mother was clearly a very wise woman. I believe that this ties in very well to the previous post that I cited from Caitlin Ridge about storytelling. We could all learn a thing or two from Ken’s mother’s list, in networking, relationship building, and in life. She leaves behind a beautiful legacy. Definitely click to read Ken’s list.

Why the Best Leaders Have Convictiontravis-bradberry
Travis Bradberry

This article from Travis Bradberry is all about conviction as a leadership trait. He feels that we’ve cranked ourselves up to crave certainty, but that we aren’t easily able to find it. When we do find conviction in a leader, the results are powerful. Their conviction builds our trust, resulting more motivated, content, and driven subordinates. If we could just stop asking all of the “What if?” questions and be more decisive, amazing things would start to happen. Once again, isn’t this about storytelling? Isn’t your sense of conviction – or lack of conviction — part of the stories that we tell ourselves and the people around us? How can we change our stories for the better? Are you lacking conviction? How could you change your perspective to become more decisive? As always, this is a great article from Travis. I hope you enjoy it.

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Meridith Elliott Powell

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