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Business Growth Roundup – July 28, 2015


I hope you’ve been enjoying the nice summer weather. For me, these long days jump start my productivity. Make the most of your weekends and time off, as well, and take the opportunity to connect with clients that summer brings. Here is my weekly Business Growth Roundup. Each week, I like to share what I’m reading and what is trending with some of today’s true thought leaders and business growth experts. Here’s a roundup of who I’ve been following this week, and their recent innovative and insightful articles – Enjoy!

What craft breweries can teach us about B2B marketing
Robert Peaserobertpease

If you follow my blog, you know that I will say over and over that marketing and sales are so often about telling a compelling story. That’s the comparison that Robert Pease makes in this blog post. He explains that storytelling is such a critical part of great marketing and that great storytelling doesn’t necessarily mean explaining more. Instead, it’s about creating an experience around a product that’s aligned with a prospect’s needs and outcomes. Connecting with what your client truly needs, understanding what how they work and what their problems are will always help you build trust and value in today’s economy. This is how you create true business growth that will last. So again, its not always how much you say, but where your focus lies that makes the most impact. Most importantly, Robert asks an important question: “What sort of experiences are you creating around your product or service?” It’s less about the ingredients and more about the prospect’s needs.

The Real Definition of Hard Work
Jim Keenan

I love this theme. Jim Keenan breaks down the idea of hard work. What makes it “hard” exactly? Jim’s idea is that it’s the mental component of hard work that makes the work hard. He divides work up into different zones; The Easy Zone, The Convincer Zone(s), and the Real Hard Work Zone. Jim has some really interesting ideas here that I think you’ll find thought provoking, motivating, and sure to help you achieve the sales and business growth your company needs to soar past your competition. Enjoy the read!

jill-konrath-profile-1One Simple Way to Instantly Have Better Sales Conversations
Jill Konrath

What happens when people try to do two things at the same once? Contrary to popular belief, and according to Jill Konrath’s article, it doesn’t work. This is a controversial topic for anyone who believes in multi-tasking. In the study that Jill references in her article, dual task interference causes a person’s intellectual capacity to drop from that of a Harvard MBA to that of an 8-year old. Jill’s point is that multi-tasking is not the right approach to sales. It’s a trap. Sales people need to focus in on their conversations with prospects which includes more preparing and planning. To truly give our best, we have to hone in, buckle down, and give 100% of our focus to our client. In today’s economy, building trust is essential to business growth. Slow down, engage, and then watch your prospects turn into profits.

What Is Value? The Costco Value Proposition
Ken Krogue

Here’s an article that Ken Krogue wrote for Forbes. It’s about price, quality, and speed. According to Ken, price and quality are obvious, but in the age of mobile and the Internet, speed of service may be the new secret sauce. Good companies will offer one of these values. Great companies master two values, giving their customers a rich experience. A few world-class companies deliver all three and can track their business growth as they nail down each value. According to Ken, Costco has it all. It’s an interesting article, and he backs up his claim with some interesting points. It’s all about controlling the variables. What variables could you adjust in your own business?

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