June 29

Business Growth Roundup!


Each week, I like to share what I am reading and what is trending with some of today’s true thought leaders and business growth experts. Here’s is who I am following this week, and their most innovative and insightful articles – Enjoy!


jill-konrath-profile-1Sales Grit: What Have You Got to Lose?
Jill Konrath

Jill’s “What have you got to lose?” story really resonates with me and, if you’re in sales, I think you’ll find it strikes a chord with you too. In a recent blog update, Jill talks about the intimidation, fear, bravado, and risk that are so often associated with sales. The moral of her little story? Be brave today. Try something that you haven’t done before. Get out of your comfort zone. Are you ready for it? Read Jill’s story and challenge!



How To Become A Thought Leader In Your Industry
Kevin Kruse on Dorie Clark   

stand out

I love Kevin Kruse’s recent write up about Dorie Clark in Forbes. He talks about her “hustle” and I think that word absolutely captures that energetic oomph that is so exciting and inspiring in an outstanding sales person. Dorie has written a book, Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It, in which she’s interviewed more than 50 thought leaders, and Kevin Kruse gives a helpful rundown about the book, and why you want to add it to your upcoming reading list!

Can’t Change Your Company’s Culture? Create a Leadership Subculture Instead
Keith Rosen

I love the idea of creating a subculture for your leadership. Many organizations worry about how effective coaching will be long term if their organization is not currently a coaching culture and instead is more analytical, metrics, or results driven. That’s a common concern, and the idea of transforming a company’s culture can seem like it’s easier said than done. Keith tackles this issue in a really simple, but smart way: One person at at a time. One conversation at a time. Keith’s got the right idea. You can read his article here.

Want a 74% Chance of Winning a Sale?JBlack_72dpi
Joanne Black     

Joanne Black really cuts to chase about what’s important; it’s not just about making a sale, it’s about understanding your customers today so that you can help solve their problems down the road! The article describes change, at its core, as being about change. A prospect has to see enough value in switching or they’ll never make the change. Joanne’s pins this on a 74% statistic that’s compelling. Learn more!

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Meridith Elliott Powell

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