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Business Growth Roundup – Nov. 12, 2015


Are you immersed in your busy season? Many of us are, or if you’re lucky, you’re busy-ness isn’t limited to a single season. One way to ensure that you’re always as effective with your time as possible is to continue to grow and develop. That’s why I created my Business Growth Roundup. I like to read up on the knowledge of my fellow industry experts and it’s my pleasure to share my findings with you. Here are some of the people that I’m following this week and I hope that you find these top of mind ideas to be as interesting as I have. Enjoy and have a great week.

Top Inside Sales Challenges in 2015: New Research
Ken Krogueken.krogue

This is a great article that Ken Krogue recently wrote for Forbes and you really need to click on it to see the supporting charts. They’ve been collecting data over the past 3 years that really shows some interesting trends the challenges that top inside sales people are facing everywhere. Click to see where quantity of leads, hiring, motivation, reporting, training, equipment and software, and compensation plans are falling for 2015. The issues have changed for Sales representatives as much as for Sales Managers over the last three and a half years.

NancyNardin-250x2503 Fundamental Steps for Making The Number in Complex Sales
Nancy Nardin

Sales teams are inconsistent and unpredictable and it’s one of the most concerning factors for leadership. Forecasts can’t be trusted. No one can ever tell if the numbers are going to be met or not. It’s enough to turn everyone-involved’s hair white. To ensure that the numbers are consistently met, there has to be structure. Nancy talks about how if you want predictable performance, you can’t wing it. It’s not scalable, and it can get very expensive very quickly. She’s come up with a three-step process to implement structure. It’s a great article; I hope you’ll have a look.

Sales Enablement: How to Get to the Recommended Leveltamaraschenk
Tamara Schenk

Here’s an interesting article from Tamara Schenk on the subject of sales enablement, with a strong connection to Sales force. We all want to be more effect, and to achieve effectiveness, we have to create a foundation for it based on a shared vision of future success. You can’t enable sales without that foundation.

There has to be a differentiation between efficiency and actual effectiveness. It’s a great point. We might be working very had towards an type of efficiency in our current day to day work, but is it actually effective?According to Tamara, the aim is to move from a managed, domain-focused state to a cross-functional, scalable customer-core platform that drives sales effectiveness. She recommends making frontline sales managers a target audience with integrated content and training services. Read the article to find out more.

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