September 15

Business Growth Roundup – September 15, 2015


I hope that your September is off to a great start. This is a very energizing time of year and I hope that you’re finding your focus and setting some clear goals for this month and for the rest of the fall season. This is my weekly Business Growth Roundup that includes articles and blog posts that I’ve been reading by some of my fellow thought leaders and business growth experts. I think that this week’s trends are really interesting and I hope you find these articles to be as insightful as I have. Enjoy!

Sales Acceleration: 2015’s Dreamforce Buzzword?
Shanepaulneil Headshot
Shane Paul Neil

If you’re in sales and you aren’t aware that Dreamforce is coming up, well you might just be living under a rock. The annual event put on by Salesforce includes over 1500 learning sessions and it’s attended by thousands of sales leaders. It’s a great networking and educational event. With the event coming up, this is an interesting article looking at what the landscape is looking like for 2015. One of the hottest technology trends for 2015 is sales acceleration platforms with predictive analytics pulled from data-driven insights. Whether you’re attending Dreamforce or not, this article is worth reading so that you’ll know what’s on trend and what we can expect to see and hear more of in the coming months.

Do You Handle Conflict Like a Rhinoceros or an Ostrich?
Keith Rosen

The title paints a vivid picture for us. This is a blog post about how we can become powerful, executive level communicators. In the process of improving our communication, we can permanently eliminate confrontation. From Keith’s point of view, there is no such thing as a difficult conversation. This is a matter of interpretation, and we should stop interpreting certain topics as ‘difficult’ because we impose the challenge and awkwardness into the situation ourselves. By shifting our approach, our mindset, our assumptions, and our expectations, we can shift and eliminate the difficulty. It’s a great article and definitely something to mull over.

The Essence of Effective Leadership
Jonathan Farrington

When asked to summarize his leadership advice, Jonathan Farrington breaks his Jfheadshotsummary into 4 criteria of “People Developers” including achievement, recognition, participation, and growth. They’re related qualities and they overlap in a variety of ways. In his post, Jonathan looks at each of these criteria in more detail. Do you and your organization work to build and value people according to these 4 principles? I think that his ideas about People Developers is spot on and this is an excellent article that I hope you’ll read.

The 9 Immutable rules of Engagement in #SocialSelling
Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson knows what’s what when it comes to social media, and he’s in a position to have witnessed these rules applied, and also ignored, in every possible environment. Shane is very clear that these are non-negotiable rules. No one is exempt from their importance. These aren’t ‘his’ rules; he didn’t create them, but he has accurately captured them in this excellent article.

My weekly business growth roundup highlights some of my favorite articles, posts, and podcasts from today’s business growth leaders. If you have articles, books, or business podcasts that inspire or motivate you please share!

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