September 29

Business Growth Roundup – September 29, 2015


This week is all about getting down to business. Did you attend Dreamforce week before last? Has the experience energized you with helpful take-aways? Or are you on the ground at home, working with your freshly re-engaged customers and team members now that we’ve officially entered autumn? My Business Growth Roundup this week includes an article about Dreamforce which is too big of a industry event to ignore, as well as other insightful posts from some of today’s most interesting and insightful business growth leaders.

Nancynardin-250X250Notable Take-Aways from @Dreamforce #DF15
Nancy Nardin

Whether you were at Dreamforce this year or you missed it, this is a handy summary of take-aways from Nancy Nardin. Salesforce is building a more agreeable relationship with Microsoft. There’s also excitement for building more cloud computing and Salesforce’s newly announced IoT Cloud will be connecting billions of events from devices, sensors, and applications to Salesforce. This is going to enable companies to unlock insights from a more connected world. This system is all about context, and the usefulness of putting data in context could be – as Salesforce is hoping – a major game changer. There’s also going to be more integration between Microsoft and Salesforce with more apps, making Salesforce not just a sales tool but also a productivity tool. Were you at Dreamforce 2015? Is Nancy’s summary comprehensive, or is there something you would add as a take-away from your own experience at the event?

12 Habits That Set Ultra Successful People ApartTravis Bradberry
Travis Bradberry

I find Travis Bradberry to be a really interesting contributor to Forbes, especially with his ability to cover topics such as emotional intelligence and leadership performance. In this article, Travis takes a look at a study about highly successful people that makes note of the traits that these people have in common. 90% of these people have good control over their emotions, enabling them to stay focused, calm, and productive. The 12 habits outlined in the article are skills that we can take note of and learn to emulate. Fake it ’til you make it, if you will. These habits can make any of us more successful if we use them every day.

31 Twitter Tips: How To Use Twitter Tools And Twitter Best Practices For Ken.krogueBusiness
Ken Krogue

Everyone, at one time or another, has stopped to wonder what the true value of Twitter is for sales and if it actually contributed to business growth. In this article, Ken tackles the matter head on sharing some insights, as well as strategies, tactics, and tools. This is a particularly good article for anyone who is not currently active on Twitter, or who is not clear about his or her strategy. There’s nothing worse than wasting time on Twitter without having created a strategy to implement, and Twitter can also take some getting used to if you’re only accustomed to LinkedIn or Facebook. Twitter does have a lot of value, and I think that Ken’s breakdown of using Twitter for business growth is really helpful.

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Meridith Elliott Powell

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