November 19

Business Growth Update – November 19, 2015


Are you superstitious when it comes to your sales process? The question occurred to me since we recently had a Friday the 13th on the calendar. Though it’s mostly a humorous question, I do think that many sales people have rituals that they establish. Do you have habits related to your sales cycle that could be considered rituals? Even superstitions? Do you ever feel like you might “jinx” a deal if you do something that doesn’t fit into your usual course?

In this week’s roundup, I have an excellent podcast, an article, and a blog post that are each worth some time and will “up”  your business growth. They come from some of today’s best thought leaders and carry a lot of insight and forward thinking. I hope you enjoy them, and that you can take some of the knowledge with you to help you have a great week.

brutaltruthThe Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling – 5 Ways to Differentiate Yourself in Sales & Selling
Brian Burns

If you haven’t listened to Brian Burns’ podcasts yet, you are really missing out. They’re excellent. In this episode, he discusses how you become really good at the high level sales, and how to differentiate yourself as a sales person. Sales has changed so much. Our clients and potential clients are bombarded and as a result, people are less open-minded than they used to be. The need for sales people has changed and we have to change along with that need. This is so completely in line with what I believe about the economy not being ‘down’ but being different. Brian breaks down how you can differentiate yourself. We have to be helpers, not takers. We have to have substance. It’s a great listen, as are all of Brian’s podcasts. I hope you’ll have a listen.

Tricks to Staying Calm Under Pressure
Travis Bradberrytbradberry

Here’s a really interesting article from Travis Bradberry. Apparently, new research from the Harvard Business School is showing that most of us are going about staying calm the wrong way. What an interesting idea. The trick isn’t necessarily to calm down at all. Instead, we should learn to turn our anxiety into energy and excitement. Easier said than done? Some people do this naturally, and for the rest of us, it’s more a matter of changing our perception of stress and calm. It’s all about perspective. Whatever stressful situation we may be in, even if it’s a ’10’ for us, there are surely more stressful situations that other people have effectively conquered that far outweigh our own stress. This is an interesting read from Travis who is always an intriguing thought leader. I hope you check it out.

Why Your Sales Reps Can’t Automate Referral Leads
Joanne Black

You’ve got it, Joanne. A great post from Joanne Black about how there’s no such thing as a referral machine. We’re always trying to find the easy way out, the best short cut, or the easiest path. But we have to be realistic about referrals; they come from quality relationships from existing clients and they can’t be put on autopilot. It’s true our valued, trusted relationships that we eventually get referrals. They have to come from meaningful conversations. The personal connections that you need can’t be automated. Joanne provides five simple ways to help nurture your networks and earn those referral leads. Make sure you click on the link for the great advice.

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