October 28

Business Growth Update – October 28, 2015


I am always on the path of knowledge, seeking and learning from the latest publications that today’s leading thought leaders are putting out. This week’s Business Growth Roundup touches on eengaged employees, happy customers, fostering a coaching culture, account based marketing. The theme of each of this week’s selected articles can easily be used to support the ideas of the others. I hope that you’ll enjoy the three articles that I’ve sourced for today’s true thought leaders and business growth experts. These are some of the people who I’ve been following this week, and their recent insightful articles.

Engaged Employees, Happy Customers: 3 Steps to Boost Employee Performance and Customer Satisfaction
Omer Minkara

This is a great article about how most companies look at two important questions independently, but they’re really very related and should be examined together: How do we maximize the customer experience? What’s the path to improve employee productivity and performance? Omer Minkara explains that it’s the companies that align these questions along with an understanding of the voice of the actual customer that are the most successful.

The Best Coaching Question Ever
Keith Rosen keithrosen

This is a great post that responds to the common question in regard to the length of time and investment that coaching takes. Keith Rosen examines how this fallacy limits the thinking of so many sales managers. It’s this very belief that prevents people from growing, and that’s limiting their sales. Keith boils it down to an important question: What if the coaching conversation can actually take less time than telling someone what to do? This is a great post that reinforces the importance of why we need to foster a coaching culture on our teams. Read Keith’s post to consider some very intriguing ideas, organized in a thoughtful and provoking article.

amandamaksymiwAccount-based Marketing: It’s Time to Flip
Amanda Maksymiw

What if you boosted awareness among named target accounts? What if you took the idea of “targeting” to an entirely new level? That’s Amanda Maksymiw’s suggestion and it’s intriguing. She wants us to think about nurturing business relationships “on steroids” as she puts it. Waking up entire accounts and not just single leads by connecting with entire account teams. Honing in on badges at big events and following up with all who are involved for the next 90 days after the event has passed. She encourages us to set out by identifying the best-fit, right set of companies to market to and to concentrate more on those sourced accounts. What’s your experience with account-based marketing?

Motivational Keynote Speaker & Business Growth Expert, winning in the trust and value economyMeridith Elliott Powell, works with clients to help them instill ownership at every level to ensure profits at every turn. Click here for: 3 Sure Fire Tips To Get Your Team To Instill Ownership At Every Level, To Get Profits At Every Turn! Meridith is the author of several books, including her latest,Winning In The Trust & Value Economy: a professional’s guide to business and sales success. When not keynoting and leading workshops, she looks for inspiration cycling, golfing or hiking her favorite trail.  http://meridithelliottpowell.com

Meridith Elliott Powell

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