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This online course, Who Comes Next, is based on the book titled, Who Comes Next, Succession Planning Made Easy. Co-authored and taught by business leaders, Dr. Mary Kelly and Meridith Elliott Powell.

13 Lessons - Intermediate

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"The Sale" happens in the follow-up. In today's high-tech, overcrowded marketplace, you have to stay in the game to close the sale. What do you think the chances are that you will call on a customer at the exact time they are ready to buy? Slim to none, right? Without a powerful follow-up sales strategy, you will struggle to hit your goals and close the deals. In this course, we not only show you the power of follow-up, but we also outline the exact strategies you need and put together your personal follow-up system.

20 Lessons - Intermediate

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You want to take charge of your career path. This course will get you on the way toward becoming a leader. Success in today’s economy requires every employee to engage fully, take ownership and drive results. In this self-paced course, there are six units, each having three sections. 

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