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Own It Web Course

About this course

Success in today’s economy requires every employee to fully engage, take ownership and drive results. The challenge? According to Gallup, employee engagement is at an all-time low and getting worse.Throwing money at the issue doesn’t help—you need culture change.  Master the skills, mindset and culture of engagement and responsibility with a self-paced program that lets you take exactly what you want when you want it, led by leading Business Growth Expert and Coach, Meridith Elliott Powell.  This course has six (6) units and each unit has three (3) sections.  There are downloadable actionable worksheets for you to be able to implement real-world strategies, goals, and measurables.

Course Structure

  • 1. Welcome to Own It
  • 2. Grab the Bull By The Horns
  • 3. Attitude is a Choice
  • 4. Personal Leadership
  • 5. The Power of Networking
  • 6. You Call The Shots!