March 11

Cultivating A Coaching Culture


From The Client Connection

WendyHanson-004Did you catch The Client Connection yesterday? If not, you missed a great show (but do not worry you can listen to the replay simply by clicking this link: ) and here are a few highlights! My guest yesterday was a woman who does it all, acclaimed coach, author, speaker and radio show host, Wendy Hanson. Wendy, a true leader in the field of coaching, shared her expertise on building and cultivating a coaching culture in your organization. During the interview she emphasized why culture matters so much in the overall success of the organization, and how coaching shapes and defines a successful culture.

I learned a lot, plan to listen again, and made a list of actions to put into place from Wendy’s show. The only drawback is I feel we have just scratched the surface on these important topics – culture and coaching, so I plan to have Wendy back very soon.

Until then, here are three ideas I gained, and three strategies I plan to implement from Cultivating A Coaching Culture with Wendy Hanson.

Three Ideas I Gained From Cultivating A Coaching Culture with Wendy Hanson:

  1. Culture Matters – Defining the culture you want, and actively working to bring it to life is the very foundation of a successful organization.
  2. Top Down – Culture & Coaching need to start at the top with the leader; if he or she is not bought into the idea, is not actively using a coach, then the important difference both can make will never come to fruition. Some of today’s strongest leaders, of today’s most successful companies have coaches themselves, while encouraging others in their organization to do the same.
  3. Not Even Scratched The Surface – Jump on board now, because we have not even scratched the surface of how important, to success, coaching and culture are going to be. When it comes to increasing productivity, profits and retaining top talent, creating a strong culture with an emphasis on coaching is key, and is growing in importance.

Three Strategies I Plan To Implement From Cultivating A Coaching Culture with Wendy Hanson:

  1. Actively Use My Values – I have them clearly defined, and I can even name them, but I have to admit when talking with Wendy I realized I am not actively using them. Not actively using them to select team members, partners with whom to collaborate and even when selecting clients.
  2. Coach– Oh yes I am one, I have one for myself, but I have not created that type of culture in my organization. I have some work to do, finding out from my team what is important to them, and how I help them get there.
  3. Huddles – I talk about these all the time, and often suggest my clients use them. Now I need to refocus my energies on using them actively in my business. Getting set, again with my team, on where we are focused, what we are doing, and what is working and what is not. Short – ten minute – huddles ups – each week!

Thank you again for listening to The Client Connection. Be sure to join us for our next program set for March 24, 2015 when Kathleen Burns Kingsbury will interview Anne Hughes, founder of the Female Effect.

Meridith Elliott Powell
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Meridith Elliott Powell

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