January 26

Donald C. Kelly – The Sales Evangelist Talks Prospecting


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Today Meridith talks with The Sales Evangelist Donald C. Kelly. As The Chief Sales Evangelist for The Sales Evangelist, Donald oversees business development strategies for small to mid-size organizations. He conducts workshops, and keynote presentations, designs sales processes, offers sales team training, and coaches sales, individuals, and executives. In addition, Donald is the host of The Sales Evangelist podcast, which is heard in over 155 countries.

Meridith and Donald talk about how he grew up in Jamaica and thought he was being a businessman, not selling. He tells Meridith the inspiration for his podcast name, how he became known as The Sales Evangelist, and why he loves spreading his message so enthusiastically.

They discuss the misconception people have about sales and how to get past that notion to let people know you have a solution to a problem they have. You are also there to educate and give people enough knowledge to buy from you.

Donald tells Meridith he thinks if you have a valuable solution to a problem, it is your moral obligation to offer assistance and educate people about it.

Meridith and Donald go into showing your enthusiasm for your product or service, and getting them to experience your product is the best way to reach your audience.

They also discuss the importance of talking to your clients and getting testimonials about why they love your product or service. They will tell you everything you need to be able to sell your product more efficiently.

Finally, hear Donald's analogy on the Boy Scouts' tin foil dinner and see how that translates to the business world.

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