Are You Managing Your Sales Team or Are They Managing You?

Just this past week, I was doing a keynote presentation for a company (who shall remain nameless) whose executives warned me that my biggest challenge would be the sales team.  “They just don’t like change they said.” Are you kidding me? What do you mean they don't like change? So why does that matter? Your customers need better and more enhanced service, your profits need to improve, and business growth is not [...]

9 Strategies To Deliver Effective Performance Reviews

The dreaded performance review!  Leaders don’t like to do them, employees don’t like to get them, and they don’t ever make the top of anyone’s priority list. However giving feedback, providing input, and working with our teams to help them improve is the highest and best use of your time as a leader. We all want engaged employees, and the best way to create it is to develop a culture where connecting [...]

Customer Service – The difference between Poor to Great

One CRITICAL Step to Get Employees on Board My work as a business coach and sales and service speaker has me traveling quite a bit. I often must run errands and take care of family business while on the road. This past week, in between speaking engagements in South Carolina, I needed to pick-up a graduation card for my nephew. Luckily for me, I quickly found a CVS pharmacy and pulled right [...]

The Silent Profit Builder

Six Strategies to Drive Collaboration I got a new client recently, one that I am excited about working with. First, because they are a referral from another client and that is always fun work to do. Second, because they are ready to make some changes. And third, because they are suffering from a problem that I just love to work on and solve. It is a problem that I like to call [...]

What To Do When Your Sales Manager Sucks

I was 27 years old when I got my first job in sales. I was thrilled to finally be given an opportunity to make some “real money.”  After years in customer service, I had talked my supervisor into giving me a chance to make sales calls and earn what, in my mind, was some hefty commission. My only challenge was that I had no sales experience. While I had done a great [...]

5 Strategies to Work Less & Produce More

The smartest way for you to grow your business in this economy, is for you as the leader to actually work less. Sounds crazy, right? Well, let’s first all agree this is a crazy economy and crazy times call for crazy measures. Let me show you what I mean. I have some hefty goals for my business, some big things I want to accomplish in the next two years. Just putting those [...]

Want Your Employees To Care?

4 Strategies That Get Results Last week I was having breakfast with my nephew who is 23 and just entering the job market. After graduating college, doing the obligatory “goof off” year, he buckled down to find a “real” job. As most graduates experience it is not that easy to find the job of your dreams, so my nephew settled for taking what he could get rather than having to live at [...]

5 Things Leaders Need To Stop Doing

I just came back from a training session for next level leaders. A year-long program I run to develop high-potentials for their role as leaders in the organization. The program is twelve half-day sessions of experiential hands-on growth. We end every session with an open period. It’s a time for each member to get the answers to information they want to know about becoming great leaders. I have to say, this is [...]

Retention Is Not Engagement

Last month, I was the opening keynote for a financial services organization. The event was their Awards Ceremony honoring those employees who have excelled in the areas of business development, customer service, teamwork and length of employment. Now the first three awards I understood, but the last one (length of employment) had me a little baffled. You have been to these meetings, right? You know the ones – where they are honoring [...]

How To Make Accountability SEXY

Bring up the word accountability and you will immediately hear this huge sucking sound. Even just hint at the word, and watch – poof – all the energy gets sucked right out. I mean I get it, considering the meaning we give to accountability. no wonder no one really likes the word. The whole ideas conjures up paperwork, spreadsheets, boring meetings and someone yelling at you to do it better -  right? [...]

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