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Are Your Employees Behaving Like Republican Voters?


4 Reasons Your Employee Engagement Strategies Aren’t Working

employeesDonald Trump has done what so many in the Republican Party felt he could never possibly do. Trump has become the presumptive republican nominee for President of the United States. After the voters in Indiana handed Trump the win in their state primary, both Ted Cruz and John Kasich accepted the inevitable and both pulled out of the race. That left Trump as the last man standing, and the likely Republican candidate.

Yes, despite having won the majority of the primaries and the popular vote, many leaders in the Republican Party are still not accepting that Trump is the one their members want as their future President. To date, Mitt Romney, George Bush and John McCain (all Republican leaders) have vowed not to attend the Republican National Convention. And Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House, has yet to endorse or support Trump.  It is as if somehow, they think or are convinced that as the leaders of the Republican Party they know what is best for their party. Perhaps they are holding out hope that in the end their voters will listen to them and come to their senses.

What these Republican leaders do not understand is that their voters have left their party
, they are no longer engaged with the Republican Party these leaders built. Sadly, and most importantly, these leaders do not understand that without these voters they do not have a party.

No matter the side of the aisle on which you vote, you have to admit this has got to be one of the most interesting election years ever. Both parties have been hijacked and heavily influenced by major outsiders, and given half a chance most voters would vote for anyone who they felt was anti-establishment.

There is much to be learned, from a business perspective, from this year’s election. Without voters and members, neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party has a chance of winning the White House. The leaders of these parties may think they are in charge, but at the end of the day if the voters are not following where they are leading then their ideas, opinions, and candidates do not stand a chance.

It works that way in business too. We may be in charge, we may be running the company, but at the end of the day if our employees are as disengaged as the Republican party member our business is going to be in real trouble. So how do you keep your employees from behaving like the Republican voter?  Here are four strategies that the Republicans need to engage their voter base, and four strategies you can use to ensure you keep winning at business.

4 Reasons Your Employee Engagement Strategies Are Not Working,
and 4 Strategies To Improve Them

  1. Realize – Leaders today need to realize they are not in control. As business owners in today’s world we need our employees much more than they need us. To run a company successfully and profitably you need a good team, willing to engage and follow in the direction you are headed. The Republican leaders forgot this principle, and they are still acting like they are in control. Learn from this, no matter what the Republican leaders  say, what they do, or who they say to vote for their party members voted for Donald Trump. If you want to succeed in today’s economy, you need to realize and embrace that you need talented and engaged employees more than they need you.
  2. Listen – Next you need to listen. People today, more than ever, want to be heard. If you want them to invest in you, then you need to invest in them. Take the time to listen to your employees, learn who they are and what is matters to them. More importantly, keep in touch, understand what is working and not working with your leadership style. Again, the Republican leaders forgot this. Their constituents voted them in with a very specific agenda, a set of things they wanted and needed done. These leaders forgot their campaign
    promises when they got to Washington, and they quit listening to what their voters were telling them. They asked the voters to invest in them, but they did not turn around and invest in their voters.
  3. Involve – Get your team active and involved, make sure they are part of identifying challenges, areas of priority and most importantly part of the solution. People support what they help create, and if you want them to support your strategies and ideas you need to get them involved. The leaders of the Republican party set their own agenda and made the mistake of telling, not involving, voters. They told them what they were going to do and told them what they should think is important. The result? Voters walked away and did not support what they felt they had no hand in creating.
  4. Act – Last but not least and probably most important, act! As a leader, the actions you take need to match the words you promised. This is critical if you want your team to engage and follow, because when your actions match your words people trust you. I am not sure I even need to explain this one, because we all know pretty much every single one of our politicians Republican and Democrats  alike, have not acted on what they promised. And again, the result are voters who have looked to outsiders for answers and a new solution.

So I am not sure what will happen in November, and as I am not a fan of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (sorry if that offends anyone) I am not even sure who I will vote for, but I do know that if these party leaders do not wake up and follow these four strategies the future of both parties will look very different.

But good news for you, I passionately believe, that no matter who wins this is a great economy to do business in, and if you implement these four strategies and fully engage your team, you are going to put yourself in the position to make this or any economy start working for you!

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