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Highly Engaging Keynote Speaker, Meridith Elliott Powell

Voted one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to watch by Currency Fair, highly engaging Keynote Speaker Meridith Elliott Powell delivers a cutting-edge message, rooted in real-life examples and real-world knowledge. Meridith’s presentations are full of powerful content, highly interactive, and fun.

Highly Engaging Keynote Speaker | Mind Blowing Motivation: The Incredible Gift Of Struggle

Thrive In Uncertainty

Vision, Strategy, Execution.

Competitive, challenging and constantly shifting – that is today’s marketplace! To grow and compete you need a new set of strategies a new approach. You need to see the big picture. Understand external trends. Implement strategy with one-hand tied behind your back.

Success belongs to the professional who is ready to buck the status quo. One who sees change as opportunity rather than a threat. The professional who can balance razor like focus with the flexibility to leverage uncertainty.

It’s time – Courageously ask the hard questions. Increase your agility. Redefine then claim your position in the marketplace

“You just gave me a million dollars worth of information – paid for this conference 10x over. Your message, your energy – you are what my sales team needs”

Ken Williams, CEO Allied

In this high-powered keynote we will cover:

  • The innovative secrets to thriving in uncertainty

  • Powerful strategies to anticipate change to create opportunity

  • Cutting-edge tactics increase your value in the marketplace

  • Proven strategies for accelerating growth and gaining competitive advantage

  • Vigorous plan for flawless execution

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Leadership Redefined

Ownership, Engagement, Results!

Associate engagement trumps customer engagement … every single time! The relationship you build with your team members and associates is more important than the relationship you build with your customers. Yeah you heard me. Think about it! In today’s world it is not your product or service that is growing your bottom line it’s the experience your customers tweet about. The path to profitability and business growth is through the engagement level of your team.

In this program your leaders will discover why engaging people today is different, how to build a culture that makes the best and the brightest want to beat a path to your door. How to use engagement as the ultimate competitive advantage. How to engage and inspire at team that is as passionate as you are about the growth of your company.

Everything about today’s economy is different – team members, customers, competition, economy – so doesn’t it make sense you need a new set of skills to inspire ownership at every level – to get the results you want at every turn!

“Bar none, best speaker we have ever had – will definitely work together again”

Gary Shorman, CEO, Eagles Communications

“Love your energy, I learned so much from you!”

Ron Petersmith, FASTSIGNS

In this program you and your leadership team will:

  • Discover why engaging today’s employees is different

  • Find out how to build a culture that makes the best and the brightest want to beat a path to your door

  • Learn to use employee engagement as the ultimate competitive advantage

  • Realize how happy employees deliver great customers service & happy customers come back time after time!

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Highly Engaging Keynote Speaker | Innovative Leadership: Leadership Redefined!
Highly Engaging Keynote Speaker | Own It: Open More Doors – Close More Sales

Open More Doors, Close More Sales

Be The Envy Of Your Competitors.

You followed all the rules. You’ve read all the books. You’ve implemented the strategies. And still you’re struggling to hit the goals. Face it – the rules have changed and selling today is different. Customers demand more. Sales cycles are longer. Competition is stronger. And getting above the white noise is damn near impossible. Sales success today means attracting, investing and powerfully adding value.

In this keynote your team will uncover the 3 MUST have strategies to open more doors, close more sales and be the envy of your competitors!

“The feedback we got is phenomenal. They loved you and the information you presented. We closed business before you left the stage – thank you!”

Paul Stowell, City National Bank

“High Energy, Hired Her Multiple Times, My Team Loves Her”

Peter Krauss, COO, Plasticard Logitech Inc

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Powerful Content! Highly Interactive! FUN!

“Best speaker ever at our annual conference”

Mike Koerner – TV & Radio Host Eagle Communciations

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DEFY: Strategies To Succeed No Matter What This Economy Does

Defy Marketplace Gravity.

Really? You are still watching the news, reading the reports and surfing the internet looking for that one guru, that wizard who can tell you what this economy is going to do? Wake up! This is not your mama’s economy. It is moving fast. Changing constantly. And it crushes businesses who can’t keep up.

Your success depends on your ability to build a business and develop a team that thrives on change and eats stagnation for lunch. This is a world where market fluctuations are the norm and competition grows like kudzu. It is time for you to defy marketplace gravity!

In this program, you will learn the business growth strategies you need to dominate your market. Build a team that thrives in change. Design a strategy that gets results. Get above the white noise. And leave the competition in the dust. Defy marketplace gravity and you leave your competition in the dust!

“You hit every point we need ,and your delivery style had my team on the edge of their
seats – loved you!”

Trish Garza, Sales VP, Garza

“My team is still raving about you – it is rare that we get a speaker who can understand
our team, connect with us so well, and deliver!”

Brittany Crawford, Meetings & Events Bosch

In this program you will learn:

  • The business growth strategies you need to dominate your market
  • How to build a team that thrives in change

  • To design a strategy that gets results

  • How to get above the white noise

  • And leave the competition in the dust

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Highly Engaging Keynote Speaker | Powerful Sales: Defy Marketplace Gravity!
Highly Engaging Keynote Speaker | Networking: The New & More Profitable Cold Call!


The Incredible Gift Of Struggle Your Secret To Success.

Confidence, Hustle, Drive! These are the essence of the most successful among us. Traits gained when you go all in. You commit to do what it takes. Imagine having the power to push through obstacles. Turn excuses into solutions. And the courage to fly with “no-net. It all starts when you embrace the gift of struggle. Struggle is the best teacher. Better than any leader, coach or mentor. When you embrace it. Understand it. And you’re willing to go the distance. You gain the incredible gift that only struggle can give.

The hidden gift of struggle is Meridith’s story. The gift that moved her from dead-end job to C-Suite Executive. From buried in debt to financial freedom. Struggle is the gift that opens doors. Changes mindsets. Taps your unlimited potential!

Ready to embrace the struggle? Wickedly funny, Powerfully high-energy keynote you will discover:

  • The value of struggle only the most successful professionals know

  • The secret to building a confident mindset

  • 4 Proven strategies to build your resilience and push through any obstacle

  • Shatter the hurdles that keep you from getting what you want and making an impact

No walking on coals, no breaking boards, just the proven strategies you need. Go for what you want. Courage to achieve at new levels. Power to leave your competition in the dust.

“I go to hundreds of Conferences – Meridith is the best presenter I have ever seen.”

Debby Skipp, Data Center Inc

“You are amazing – I laughed, cried, totally inspired!”

Debbie Kissinger, Vice President Chase

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Looking for Something More Specific?

Meridith will work directly with you to build a program customized to your goals and desired outcomes. Your personal keynote program designed with your stories, your points, and your industry examples. Contact her today for more details!

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