September 10

How To Get Better At Sales


If you want to get better at sales, and who doesn’t want to get better at sales? There is just one way to do it. One thing you need to focus on, one thing you need to invest in, and that is education. Yes, sales courses or sales training.

Whether you are spending time with a sales coach, doing some role-playing with your teammates, or debriefing a sales call. Whatever you can do to understand better what is working in your sales cycle, what isn’t and what you need to do to make improvements. All of that will add up to more doors opening and more sales closing.

Key to Success is Learning

Yes, sales education is key to sales growth, and I am excited to announce a new venture that I have been working on as it relates to sales growth and development. That is my partnership with LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Learning Platform. Have you heard of it? LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that helps you, your employees or team members discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos.

I now have seven courses on the LinkedIn Learning Platform:

  1. Business Development: Strategic Planning
  2. Selling into Industries: Professional Services
  3. Selling into Industries: Telecommunications
  4. Soft Skills for Sales Professionals
  5. Selling into Industries: Manufacturing
  6. Consulting Foundations: Building Your Sales System
  7. Sales: Selling Financial Products and Services

This week I head into the studio to shoot my eighth course on “Sales Enablement.” These courses are power-packed with sales information, presented in easy, quick videos, with great downloads and worksheets that give you what you need to become even more effective at sales. Isn’t that what we want to be even more effective at what we do?

Right now, I am excited to announce that just this past week, LinkedIn informed me that my course; “Soft Skills for Sales Professionalswill be translated into several languages and available to an even more diverse audience. While this sales course has always been available internationally, students have had to be English speaking to enjoy it. Now, this soft skills course, which is so critical for sales, will be available to so many more in ways that are more effective for them.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the LinkedIn Learning platform and see what amazing sales information you have available right at your finger-tips. Anything you want to know about sales, leadership, buying a business, the course list on the LinkedIn Learning Platform is endless. For more information, and to check out the course list, just follow this link:

Would love to know what you think, what courses you are listening to, and how LinkedIn Learning has made an impact on your sales strategy and growth. Send me an e-mail at

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