June 6

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace with Mark Levy


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Today, Meridith Elliott Powell tackles a critical topic for every business navigating today's challenging landscape: market differentiation. As markets shift, inflation rises, and competitors crowd the field, standing out is more crucial than ever. To dive deep into this, we have a special guest, Mark Levy, a renowned differentiation expert who's advised top-tier clients like Simon Sinek and Marshall Goldsmith.

In this episode, Mark shares his insights on what it means to truly stand out in a competitive marketplace. We'll explore the concept of differentiation, why predictable strategies often fail, and how companies like Red Bull and Apple break the mold to achieve extraordinary success. Whether you're a business leader, entrepreneur, or thought leader, you'll gain invaluable strategies to ensure your brand becomes the focal point of conversation, even in the most uncertain times.

Tune in as we discuss how to create your own "foot-tall sandwich," why logic often robs the world of magic, and how to craft stories so compelling that they drive both your marketing and product. Get ready to jolt your market and turn uncertainty into your greatest competitive advantage. Stay tuned, and let's thrive!

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