March 18

In Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak

4 Focus Areas to Stay Productive and Keep Your Business Moving

So here we are, amidst of coronavirus outbreak. Businesses have shut down, social distancing is the norm, and we are coming to terms that getting back to normal is going to take longer than we thought.

It is more important than ever now to stay focused and think about how you spend your time, what you can accomplish, and how you can come out of this crisis strong. We are in unchartered waters. Never in our lifetime have we had this level of disruption. Our communities, our society, our world has come to a grinding halt.

So, it begs the question, how do we spend our time? What should we focus on? What are the best strategies for coming out successful on the other side of this crisis? Because one way or another, we will come out of the crisis. Our economy will bounce back, consumers will start spending, and business will rebuild. As a business leader, you have to ask yourself what do you do to get ready? What can you do to prepare?

4 Areas You Need To Be Focused On For Next Twelve Weeks:

1.Business Sustainability:

How will you sustain the business you have; how will you keep it going? Look, we all have it tough right now. We are losing business, we’re hard-pressed to find new business, and finding it difficult to collect from some of our clients – they are hurting too. So, you need to ask yourself, what do you need to do to keep the business going?

  1. What can you proactively do to take care of your existing clients?
  2. How can you reach out to prospects in a value-add way?
  3. What projects can you work on that will advance your business?

In other words, start to think of the highest and best use of your time. Think of which business activities are most valuable to keep your company moving forward.

2.Business Transformation:

It is a good time to think about how much is going to change because of this virus. The business you had before may not be exactly the same business going forward. Set aside time to ask and answer the following questions:

    1. Given what I know now, what would I do differently in my business going forward?
    2. What challenges and changes will come from this virus that I need to be paying attention to?
    3. What new opportunities are on the horizon, how is the marketplace shifting?

3.Personal Health:

Taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically, needs to be a priority right now. These are stressful times. It is easy to forgo exercise, eat the wrong things, or even drink a little too often and a little too much. Every day, you should schedule and make the time for things like:

    1. Meditation
    2. Exercise
    3. Getting outside

4. Financial Focus:

Take a long hard look at your finances. You may need to conserve for a while, even a little more than you thought. Understanding and embracing your current financial situation will put you in a proactive mode in dealing with financial challenges. Asking yourself things like:

    1. What expenses can I eliminate?
    2. What if anything, can I do to drive revenue?
    3. Are there any expenses I can defer?
    4. Do I need outside support, and if so, where do I go to get it?

Getting through a crisis is not easy. There is so much that is outside of your control. But if you focus, find the things you can influence, you’ll position yourself to emerge stable and strong!


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