November 2

It Ain’t Over ‘Til The “Curvy” Lady Sings


Yes, I know the saying is “Fat Lady,” but I am trying to be a little mopera-clipart-fatladyore politically correct…

Speaking of politically correct, what about this election? It is about as far from politically correct as you can get. If you are anything like me, you are glued to this thing, watching every twist, turn and new development. It is like watching a bad reality show. But you have to admit, it is one of the most fascinating bad reality shows and one of the more interesting elections of our lifetime. The tightness of the race, the lack of likability and constant breaking stories about the underhanded, bordering on corrupt actions of both candidates… But there’s something to be said for both of their sales strategies.

Two weeks ago, I thought this thing was over and that Hillary Clinton had it won easily. And then, I wake up Monday to hear the FBI is re-opening its case into her emails. Yes, to say the least, this election is a thriller. But, it shows the importance of staying in the race, of not giving up until the proverbial “fat lady” sings. This is a sales strategy we can all learn from.

Like him or not, Donald Trump’s chances of winning have gotten a boost from Hillary’s continued troubles. He’s also boosted his chances with his commitment to stay in this race – no matter what the media or the poles say. Whether Hillary wins or Donald pulls out a last-minute victory, there is a lot to learn from this election. Both candidates have shown us that you never know what will happen. And no matter what, you must stay committed until the very end. This same commitment applies to our businesses and should be a part of everyone’s sales strategies.

Imagine where Hillary Clinton would be if she would have given up at the first hint of scandal. Imagine if Donald Trump had caved in when the poles showed him losing in most battle ground states. Yes, to win in politics or business you need to understand anything can happen. It ain’t over til it is over.

So think about your own business, your own sales strategies – How committed are you? Are you willing to stay with it no matter the odds? Stay in no matter the outlook? Even if it looks like the path to closing the deal is a long, uphill climb?  Well, believe it or not, there is something we can learn from our political leaders. Here are five sales strategies they have been using to do what needs to be done – to close the deal:

5  Sales Strategies To Close The Deal

  1. Focus

They may not be focused on the issues, but both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are focused on one thing – winning. They are clear about what they want, and have aligned their resources and their support to focus on achieving their goal. If you want to win at sales, you need to be focused. You need goals, a strategy and a drive to want to make it happen.

  1. Believe In What You Are Selling

Probably the only people that actually believe Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in this election are Hillary and The Donald, respectively. But, believe them or not, they believe in what they are doing and saying, and that they deserve to win. If you want your clients to buy your products or services, then you need to believe in what you are selling. You need to be passionate about your product and let your enthusiasm show.

  1. Commit To The Process

I can’t believe what has been said about the candidates or what continual dirty laundry has been uncovered. It doesn’t matter though, no matter what the poles say, neither of these candidates will stop. They are committed. Every day they are out campaigning, raising money and doing whatever it takes. To sell successfully you have to have that level of commitment. We have to make sales calls when business is good and double our efforts when business is bad. We have to commit to the process.

  1. Focus On What Is Working

I’m not sure I have ever seen two candidates more unlikeable or supported. Yet, they beat everyone else who competed against them. Why? They focused on what was working and ignored what was not.

Clinton had a litany of reasons she should not have won the primaries. But, her focus on being a woman and her legacy with Bill Clinton pulled her through. And as for Donald Trump, he is the king of opportunity. He focused his time and energy on why Washington needs an outsider. If we want to succeed at sales, we have to focus on where we have opportunity. Stop pouring any energy into why the sale might not go through.

  1. Stay In The Game

If this election has taught me anything, it is to stay in the game. Things change, and when opportunity arises you want to be ready. Donald Trump has had a good week this week due to Hillary’s misfortunes. But, we all know, one rude comment or slip by Donald Trump and Hillary will run away with it. In sales and in business things change. While it may not look like you are going to get the business, you just never know. Furthermore, you need to be prepared!

Yes, these are interesting times, and while our political leaders are not our greatest role models, there are a few things they can teach us. A few sales strategies we can learn to get us to the finish line.

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