March 14

Julie Kennedy Oehlert – Creating a Happy Culture to Drive Results


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Welcome to another episode of THRIVE: Turning Uncertainty To Competitive Advantage. In this episode, host Meridith Elliott Powell engages in a captivating conversation with Julie Kennedy Oehlert, who is the chief experience and brand officer for ECU Health. Throughout the episode, Julie shares valuable insights about disrupting the healthcare industry and infusing a culture of joy and care to drive impactful results. Julie's approach to disruption focuses on unsiloing the work, empathetic listening, and embracing change with a sense of purpose and hope. Their discussion delves into the need for a holistic approach to healthcare, touching on topics like patient access, proactive care, and the influence of millennials and younger generations in driving change. Julie's wealth of experience and her innovative mindset make this episode a must-listen for leaders looking to bring positive disruption to their industries. Tune in for thought-provoking insights and inspiring perspectives on embracing change and innovation.

Julei Kennedy Oehlert serves as the innovative Chief Experience and Brand Officer at ECU Health, where she spearheads the disruption of traditional healthcare paradigms, focusing fervently on human experience. Her groundbreaking role encapsulates the management of patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and the wellness of the health system's workforce, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic—which has brought workforce wellbeing to the forefront of her priorities.

With a rich background in design thinking, Oehlert infuses creativity and strategic vision into the healthcare realm. She oversees and facilitates design labs, applying her expertise to foster an environment that embraces progressive leadership and executive thinking. Her work at ECU Health is central to cultivating an environment where the human experience is not merely an afterthought but the core around which healthcare services revolve.


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