September 13

Kick Butt Sales Proposals – 6 Strategies To Get the Deal to Close


So here you are – it is sales proposal time. The last piece of the sales process you need to get the deal to close.

Up to this point, you have managed to get yourself in the door, get in front of the decision maker, and you have asked great questions and created value-add sales conversation. You have done the hard work, your prospect is interested, and now they want a proposal. Those details and specific information that will show them in detail what you can do and what you can offer.

You have put in so much time, energy and effort into the sale You are almost there, almost across the finish line, and the only thing standing between you and a closed deal is the sales proposal. Your proposal is the last step, the critical step that will either motivate the client to say “yes”, or to say those dreaded words “we decided to go another direction,”

So how do you write a sales proposal that gets you the response you’re looking for, the type of proposal that gets your customers to say yes?

Here are six strategies to creating a Kick Butt Sales Proposals:

  1. Make The Sale First – first understand that the sales proposal is a reinforcement of what you have done in the sales process so far. In other words, don’t look for the proposal to be the magic bullet. You need to be at least 80 to 90% of the way to getting the deal to close before you ever write the proposal. If you’re not, then keep selling, keep engaging, and keep figuring out what obstacles are in the way, or what opportunities you need to create so that your proposal can address both.
  2. Keep It Simple – no matter the industry you are selling in, your prospects are busy and you need to respect that. Keep your sales proposal simple and easy to read. Include things that are relevant to your prospect and get to the point quickly. Make sure that the MOST important value-add pieces are easy to find and even easier to read.
  3. Customer Voice – when describing the challenges your customer is facing, and how your product or service can solve those problems make sure your use your customer’s voice. If you want your sales proposal to kick butt then you need to ensure your customers hear and see themselves in your proposal. This is NO time to change their words or use more sophisticated language. One of the biggest things your customers are looking for in a proposal is if you understand them, do you listen?
  4. Accurate & Appealing – one typo, one mis-used word and all the work you have done to get to this point just went down the down the drain. You need to create your proposal, and then hand it to others, both on your team and not in your industry. Give it to them to read it and review it. This is your brand, and will tell your customer just how much you pay attention to detail.
  5. Price for Understanding – let’s face it, one of the biggest parts of the sales proposals, the one our prospects are most interested in is the price. How much is what you are offering going to cost them. So, you need to ensure you price for understanding. Making sure they know everything you are in including in that price. There is so much we do in sales that we do not charge for. Things like checking in every month to ensure the execution is flawless, giving them access to us 24/7, or additional services to ensure they are successful. When you put together the price for the project include those, itemize the cost and price for understanding.
  6. Read for Value – and last but not least, go back and read your proposal before you send it. Read it for value, value to your prospect. Does your proposal save your customer time, save your customer money, or give them peace of mind? If it doesn’t, then go back and write it again. If you want your proposal to kick-butt then it needs to scream value for your customer.

Sales proposals matter, and when it is time to put yours together, you have to remember you have done so much work up to this point. So much work you have not even earned a dime for. Use these strategies to put together a proposal that will get your prospects to want to engage in more conversation.

Looking for more? Watch for our next blog, and our upcoming webinar where we will talk about how to follow-up on proposals you have written and not gotten a response to. We have all been there, right? Had the great conversations, felt the prospect was really interested, only to have the deal go cold. In our upcoming webinar, we will answer that question and so much more.

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