The Most Powerful Leadership Resource You Have

Why Neglecting This One Kills Performance. This past week I started a new round of LEAD – a leadership development program I run for high potentials in organizations. Young leaders who are slated to move into Executive Level Leadership Positions within the next five to ten years. The custom programs always begin with allowing each class to choose the first program. The first lesson they want to learn on this leadership journey. [...]

The Leader’s Crisis

One of my passions is helping companies develop their leaders of the future. Building the talent that will lead the company in the coming decades. The challenge with this type of work is that right now we are in a leadership crisis. Not only do most organizations lack the bench strength to create their next group of leaders, but many require the culture to allow tomorrow’s leaders to be successful.

Are You Managing Your Sales Team or Are They Managing You?

Just this past week, I was doing a keynote presentation for a company (who shall remain nameless) whose executives warned me that my biggest challenge would be the sales team.  “They just don’t like change they said.” Are you kidding me? What do you mean they don't like change? So why does that matter? Your customers need better and more enhanced service, your profits need to improve, and business growth is not [...]

How to Build Your Human Capital

5 Strategies For Innovative Succession Planning It is Back – the war on talent! The challenge to find and build a great team. Unemployment is reaching new lows, and for now, this economy is rockin'. While that is good news, it means for those of us in leadership positions, finding, developing and retaining top talent can be tough. When finding, developing and retaining top talent is tough, succession planning can be damn [...]

Women and Leadership: 5 Strategies to Put Women On Top

The keys to building female bench strength We have all heard the statistics: companies that have more women in leadership positions and on their board of directors outperform those that have less or none. Those companies also outperform in terms of return on sales (42% higher) and return on equity (53 percent). Also, the economic power of women is on the rise, women make at least 80% of the buying decisions, and [...]

How Can You Take Control Of Your Career?

Three Strategies To Put You and Your Career In The Driver’s Seat About a year ago I was speaking in Orlando, Florida, and I had flown in the night before to attend the opening party. You know those parties where you get your two little drink tickets, and all the boiled shrimp you can eat. So I am standing there eating my boiled shrimp when out of the corner of my eye, [...]

Top 5 Workplace Trends and Strategy Requirements for Every Leader in 2018

Welcome to 2018!  A new year to grow your business, expand your client base and exceed your goals. Every year brings new challenges and new opportunities that every leader needs to be aware of if you want to cultivate your team and grow your business.  The top five workplace trends I want to share with you are job crafting, human connection, the retirement crisis, learning and development and social recruiting. Starting this [...]

Happy Holidays!

3 Things To Remember This Holiday Season ~ Family, Friends and Giving Back. Hard to believe it is almost here, that holiday season we wait for all year. The time to take a break from work, spend a little more time with family and friends, and just relax and enjoy the most important things in life, the reasons we work so hard. So as you get ready to wind your business down, [...]

The Perfect Storm

How To Build A Solid Succession Plan Do you know what keeps top leaders up at night? Talent! How to find them, where to find them, how to keep them, how to develop them, and how to build a solid succession plan. (We’re in the Worst Talent Shortage Since 2007 article)   “Succession planning has always been a challenge for every businesses and organizations, but in today’s market conditions, it seems to [...]