February 16

Lori Richardson – She Sells


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Today, Meridith talks with Lori Richardson of Score More Sales. Lori founded Score More Sales in 2002 to help companies grow revenues through strategic sales efforts, using lessons learned from 20 years in B2B sales and leadership roles.

Lori tells Meridith how her grandmother, who ran multiple clothing apparel stores, inspired her and how she ultimately got into sales.

They discuss what prompted Lori to start researching why there weren't more women in sales and what working in a male-dominated industry is like.

They go into the differences in selling between men and women and learning how to find your way as a woman in a male-dominated profession.

Lori talks about her group Women Sales Pros. She tells Meridith how the members help each other and how the group encourages business owners to change their hiring processes.

They also discuss the work to get more women to speak on the main stage at business conferences.

Lor tells Meridith about her new book, She Sells, and why she wrote it as a guide for more managers to hire more women.

Finally, Lori gives Meridith tips from the book and tells her what she thinks are the biggest mistakes companies are making right now.

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