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Perfection is Over Rated


A Blueprint to Put Your Sales Strategy into Motion

Blueprint to Put Your Sales Strategy into Motion

Just like any business owner, sales is the lifeblood of my business. Without it, nothing else I do or create matters. So, for me in my business as a professional speaker, author, coach, and consultant, sales are a top priority.

To maintain my focus, I developed a sales strategy, one that I have been using in some form or fashion for years. Even though it has been successful, every few months I still find myself making some changes to make it even better. I enhance it, but it is still the same blueprint that has kept me consistent and focused on my number one priority sales.

Because the sales strategy has worked for me (my business went up thirty-percent last year), several of my peers and competitors have asked me to share what I do and how I do it. Now, I am a believer that the pie is big enough for all of us, and that the better any single one of us does in this industry, the better we all will do. Thus, I happily share my system, yes, even with my competitors.

However, more often than not, after sharing the details of what I do daily, to the exact wording of phone calls, e-mails, and my follow-up system, people still call me back wanting more. They want more information and more specifics of exactly how I go about selling. As if there is a right way to do this or some magic wording that will ensure the sale.

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine called me, a competitor, to once again review the strategy I had shared with her. She wanted me to talk again about what I say when I make a call, what kind of follow-up I do in the e-mails, and each specific step of my strategy. About half-way through my conversation with her, it hit me. Her problem in getting started is not about my sales strategy; it is that she is waiting to get started until she has this right. Until she is sure, it is perfect.

“The best way to open more doors and close more deals is just do it – go out and sell.”

When it comes to sales, sales process, and sales strategy; perfection is overrated. The best way to open more doors and close more deals is just do it – go out and sell. Sales is both art and science. The science is about getting your plan, creating your process, or just using mine. However, the art is in perfecting it, tailoring it to every unique situation, and being open to learning from what is working and what is not working.

3 Strategies to Get Your Sales Strategy Put into Motion – Aim, Action, and Adjust

  1. Develop A Plan (Aim) – First, you need to create a sales plan; a set of steps you need to do every day, every week towards to achieving your sales goals. This is not rocket science, and you do not need to spend a ton of time here, you just need to write it down. Who is your “ideal client,” how many networking events will you attend, how many sales calls will you make, follow-up calls per week, and where will you create the time to review your progress. That’s it!
  2. Motion First (Action) – Second, just do it. Start working the plan. Do not stress about your sales approach; if you have it right, what will you say, or if your executions are right. We learn through motion, by doing. That is why I named my company MotionFirst because we grow best through action. You will never, in your entire sales life, create the greatest sales strategy. So forget about perfect, and just get out there and start moving!
  3. Course Correct (Adjust) – Finally, make time to review what you are doing that is working, what is not, and course correct. Sales is about improvement and progress, and you need to set time aside monthly, if not weekly, to review your sales strategy. Be open and honest about what needs to stay, what needs to go, and what needs to be fixed.

That is it! Remember, succeeding in sales is so much more about the action than it is about perfection. You know you need to get in the game. Need a plan? Ready to start selling? Send me an e-mail to mere@valuespeaker.com, and I will happily share my sales strategy.

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P.S. Read my interview with SalesPop! here! SalesPop! is a multimedia resource for sales leaders, sales managers, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs.

SalesPop! Meridith Powell Interview

Meridith Elliott Powell

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