January 25

>Rotarians In Honduras! The Adventure Begins!


>Ola! (did I spell that right?)
The Adventure Begins! We have arrived in Honduras, and what an experience this is shaping up to be.

We had the typical travel delays – weather delayed the plane, one of our crew missed his connection and we lost a couple of bags. True to Rotarian character, our sense of drive, cooperative natures and ability to laugh at everything saw us through just fine. The bus ride from San Pedro to Copan ended up being four hours rather than three, due to the number of cows that seem to find true pleasure in standing in the middle of the road delaying traffic. They truly have no fear and I am convinced are the Honduran National Champs in the age old sport of “chicken.”

We may have started this trip barely knowing one another but one long travel day has made us fast friends (truly a great group of people.)

Today is our get organized day. We easily have fifteen bags of dental and medical supplies, including two dental chairs and dental lamps. We also have toys and coloring books for the children to play with while they are waiting for their parents to receive care. Our goal today is set up our clinics, set up the day-care and assign everyone tasks and roles. Tomorrow we will hold just one medical and one dental clinic, but beginning Tuesday we will work in Copan, as well as send one team to a more remote village. This will give us the opportunity to both treat more people and treat those who truly are in need of care.They may never have seen a doctor or dentist before.

We are off on what promises to be a scavenger hunt to buy even more supplies. We have a huge list and it will be fun just to see what we can find (this town is cute, but it is small.) It is amazing to realize how much we take for granted. Betty Doll discovered that more than 90% of this country’s electricity comes from generators, and Don Hudo told us that the water and electricity are fragile. We will lose power and run low on water at some point this week. Our main goal to day is to ensure the clinic is clean and ready for us, and that our sterilization process is in place. Again, something we take so for granted at home, and something we truly have to focus on here.

We have many expert photographers on this trip, and I have brought my FLIP video camera. Please look for photos and videos – edited though – as what happens in Honduras stays in Honduras!

Stay tuned for more Adventures from Honduras!

Meridith Elliott Powell

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