Why It’s Better to Walk Away from a Sale

This is probably one of the biggest questions in sales – when do I give up on a prospect? When do I walk away from a sale? Every salesperson struggles with this, and more than a few of us have stayed too long at the party trying to get that elusive and difficult prospect to commit. Walking away is hard especially after spending all that valuable sales time and energy. And while working [...]

Why You Are Losing Customers

4 Strategies to Increase Retention, Expand Relationships and Drive Referrals. This week I moved my business from one of my long-time vendors, – and hired someone new. The new vendor is not any less expensive, does not have a better product and is actually slightly less convenient to work with regarding availability and response time. So why did I move? Good question and an important one to know the answer to if [...]

Why You Can’t Close the Sale

3 Sales Strategies to Seal the Deal Do you know when the most difficult time is to close a sale, the toughest time to close a sale? Yes, you are right, when you need the sale to close. I don’t care if your best friend or your mother is your prospect, you can bet that if you are desperate for that sale to close, something will happen that will prevent it from happening. [...]

4 Must Haves Strategies for Asking Better Sales Questions

One thing I have learned from speaking for or working with sales professionals is that you can tell the quality of the sales professional by the questions they to ask.  For example, do the questions they inquire challenge their customer’s thinking and push them out of their comfort zone? Unfortunately, a lot of sales professional don’t. Many of them don’t have what it takes to ask the tough questions. So, why do [...]

The Only 5 Sales Stamina Strategies You Will Ever Need to Get to the Finish Line

This economy is nothing if not challenging. Sure, our economic climate is full of opportunity, clients and customers who want to do business.  Sometimes it feels like getting a foot in the door and getting to that first meetings takes so much time and energy that you have nothing left to pull you through the long wait before the deal closes. The truth, as any sales professional knows, is that there will [...]

Quit Losing to The Competition Before You Start!

In sales, competition is tough – period! Someone always has a better product, a lower price, better results and the list goes on. The truth is you can usually come up with more reasons your customer should be buying from your competitor rather than why they shouldn't. However, if you want to succeed in sales you need to stop focusing so much on your competition. Why? Because what your competitor does or [...]

How To Sell Your Consulting Services

A New LinkedIn Learning Course I am very excited to announce my newest course, Consulting Foundations: Building Your Sales System, just released on the LinkedIn Learning Platform... is now available on LinkedIn Learning. No matter how great a consultant you are, no matter how well-educated, talented or experienced you are, without sales nothing else about your consulting business matters.

The Only Sales Strategy You Will Ever Need

Think about this, most things that can impact your sales success today are  outside of your control.  For example, new competitors entering the market,  advancements in technology or even the fluctuations of the market. Anyone shift or change of direction with any of those and your sales strategy can be greatly impacted – positively or negatively. So as a sales professional you need to be adaptable. You need to be open to [...]

Six Sales Mistakes Guaranteed to Kill the Sale

When it comes to mastering the art of sales, sometimes it can be more important to understand what not to do when trying to get the sale. Sales is one business where you cannot fake success. Your numbers, your goals, and your bottom line results will always reveal your sales skills or lack thereof! You can learn a lot from watching what sales professionals do to get the sale, but even more [...]

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Why Every Sale Is A Complex Sale

3 Strategies To Get The Deal Closed Think about this, since you have woken up this morning, gotten online, started reading this article on how to close more deals, your future customer has already begun the sales process. Right now, your prospects and customers are online, “googling” to discover information and ideas around products and services you sell. They are going to an industry meeting, where an expert or guru is speaking, [...]

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