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Succession Planning

We have a complete program for an organization to successfully transition. Whether leadership is retiring or moving on to another position of responsibility, we need to be prepared to move the right people into the right jobs. 

That means preparing leaders as well as future leaders. We have programs for both!

Our online Succession Plan program is a great way to start the process. We also have onsite programs that generally meet once a month for 6-months to a year to assure a smooth transition, whether the changes are happening now or 5 years in the future.

Leadership Fast-Track Program

A Unique System for Fast-Tracking Your High Potential Performers!

Talent is your greatest asset, your greatest competitive advantage and lack of it prevents you from taking your company next level. 

Our LEAD Program is your answer to that problem. This is a systematic approach to building leadership depth – FAST!

The LEAD Program:





How this Program Works

You have the raw talent within your business already — those individuals that you identify as having a future with your company. They are high energy, have a great attitude, a desire to learn, and a successful mindset.

You choose your top employees, and with our “10-Month Intensive Leadership Program”. Then we work one-on-one with their raw talent and turn them into LEADERS!

What Your Investment Gives You

  • A team of leaders ready to perform when you are ready to promote
  • More engagement and commitment to the company from every LEAD member
  • Next level leadership that have bonded and are committed as a team
  • Leadership with the knowledge to build and develop leaders at every level of the organization
  • The middle leadership power you need to SUPERCHARGE the growth of your company – this is your missing link
  • An investment that continues to produce dividends and long-term results
  • Peace of mind, that you have solved your greatest growth challenge – leadership!

Our Succession Planning Programs

Highly-Effective Succession Planning Workshops, Courses and Programs

Departing Leader Succession Planning Program

Plan for a Departing Leader

Retiring? Being Promoted? Just won the lottery and simply want to get the heck outta Dodge?

That all sounds fantastic….but who will follow in your footsteps and preserve the empire that you’ve spent so long to build?

In this program, we show you how to set your team and your organization up for success.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Coaching
  • Change Management
  • How to Identify the Right People for the Right Job

PLUS, receive our FREE Succession Planning Materials including:

  • Succession Planning Assessment Worksheet
  • Succession Planning Questions Worksheet
  • The year-long leadership development topics and schedule
  • The Successful Succession Planning presentation slides
Succession Planning for the Development of Future Leaders

Develop Your Future Leaders

This program works because we cover all the basics of leadership development – information, hands-on and most importantly experiential. We teach your LEAD candidates what it takes to lead, then we let them actually lead.

Lead in a safe environment where they have the room to take risks, try things out, fail and get back in the saddle.

In addition, we form a strong bond with these LEAD members which builds community and commitment – to you and your company.

You not only finish this program with a group of next level leaders, but you also finish with a team who is committed to each other’s success.

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Succession Planning for Executives, Stakeholders, Business Owners, and Employees


Meet Your Superheroes for Succession Planning

Who Comes Next? Leadership Succession Made Easy

Meridith Elliott Powell and Dr. Mary Kelly share what it takes to build a strong talent pipeline, develop your future leaders, and create a succession plan that gives you a clear competitive advantage.

Competitive, challenging, and constantly shifting – that is today’s marketplace. To successfully compete, organizations need to build depth of experience, perspective, and increase the knowledge base of their leadership bench.

Leaders and organizations need to start planning now to:

  1. Invest in attracting top talent
  2. Develop leadership skills
  3. Design a succession plan that gets results

With more than 75 million baby-boomers reaching retirement age, you need to be managerially prepared. You need answers to important organizational and leadership questions:

  • What will the new roles and responsibilities look like in the future?
  • What do we need to build an organizational plan for new challenges?
  • Who is going to move into more senior positions? Who comes next?

Praise for Our Succession Planning Programs

“With more than 45-percent of our leadership ready to retire within two years, we were in crisis mode. Meridith and Mary stepped in and delivered a program that not only created our talent pipeline, but they did the impossible. They took our future leaders from zero to sixty in record time. Within six months of completing the program, more than half of the participants were promoted. The level to which they are leading far exceeded my expectations. The bonus – Meridith and Mary taught them to actively build talent pipelines so we never find ourselves in a crisis mode again. I cannot recommend or sing their praises enough – lifesaver.”

Shirley Bloomfield, CEO, National Telecommunications Association

“LEAD changed my life – professionally and personally. When we started this program, I thought it would be the typical leadership development program – courses, reading, discussions. But this was out-of-the-box. We dealt with tough issues, took ownership of our personal development, and learned exactly what our Executive Leadership team deals with on a daily basis. After two sessions, I started looking at leadership in an entirely new way. Powerful – that is how I would describe lead.”

Margaret Pettyjohn, SVP, American Savings Bank

“We looked at so many programs for succession planning and leadership development, and Meridith’s just stood out. She has such a fresh approach and focuses on action and execution. Just what we needed."

Jim Rasmussen, CEO, Morrow Insurance

“This program is not for the weak, you better be ready to work, better to be committed, and ready to learn about true leadership. Leadership is responsibility, big responsibility – after LEAD I am ready.”

Kim Heskett, SVP, Mountain Credit Union