Top 8 New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS

Happy New Year! Are You Ready for Success in 2018? Every New Year, we share the trends and the strategies that will drive growth in the coming year. We discuss what precisely you need to be doing to position your business and your team to surpass your goals and reach new levels of performance.  These are the SOLUTIONS that create serious growth in 2018!  8 New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS!  Voice Of The Customer  [...]

Your Competitor Is Your Ally: Forget That And You Will Die

An Innovative Look at Business Growth I just spent two amazing days with my business growth Mastermind in Stamford, CT.  Yes, that is right, I offer masterminds in my own business, I run masterminds, and I myself am a student in a business growth mastermind. Why? I believe in them, and I believe in investing heavily in my business and in myself. I know that in order to really deliver for [...]

The Client Connection: Follow Up with Yuhannes Watts

A colleague of mine just called to say thank you! She tuned in to my interview with Yuhannes Watts, LinkedIn Expert, where he shared his tips, ideas and strategies to Brand Yourself As The Go To Expert In Your Field. If you missed it, not a problem, I have attached the download for you, make sure to turn in because Yuhannes Watts’ session gives you important information on how to create a [...]

5 Reasons Others Know You’re Not A Serious Relationship Builder

The following is a guest blog post by the extremely talented Yuhannes Watts, the Chief Linking Offer @ Learn2Link where he teaches LinkedIn Strategy and building Business Relationships, please see his bio & info at the bottom of this post. Ok – so you’re out networking like crazy, tossing out business cards left and right, collecting mountains of business cards from others and schmoozing like nobodies business.  But hold on buddy – [...]

Responsibility – The Ultimate Path To Freedom & 4 Strategies To Get You There!

I am working on a new book, Just Own It!, due out this May. When I approached my coach and a few publishers about the book, I explained that I wanted to write a book about responsibility—specifically the idea of putting responsibility back into the workplace. My goal was (and is) to write a book that shares how responsibility brings the ultimate in personal and professional freedom, and not the burden or [...]

What are the Ethics of Customer Data Mining?

Our personal information is everywhere, whether we like it or not. Businesses collect email addresses and more during registration for rewards cards and store promotions. Hobbies, interests, and day-to-day routines are captured from social media posts, search engine queries, and GPS tracking. Businesses are figuring out new ways to use this customer data for their marketing efforts and to improve their services. The latter is an evolving landscape where the line between [...]

Two Sales People Walk Into A Call

No Joke, You Need A New Strategy To Sell In This Economy Why do salesman do this, why do professionals do this, and why are sales trainers still training sales people to sell like this? My husband had two salesman come in his office last week, both selling a products he needs and wants, and both having scheduled a pre-planned sales call with him. So, why did neither of these salesman close [...]

Easy to Implement, Proven Strategies for Business Acceleration

Thank you to Anne Bachrach, The Accountability Coach, for a fantastic program about one of my favorite subjects, Accountability! It was a powerful program, Anne is one of those rare experts that has not only mastered her subject, but she is able to share her knowledge in a way that is fun and effective! Anne’s program, Easy to Implement, Proven Strategies for Business Acceleration, was chalk full of ideas and strategies to [...]

The Most Important Skill Your Bankers Need To Succeed And Five Leadership Strategies to Make Sure They Get It

It’s no secret that the banking industry has changed drastically over the last five to ten years. The impact of technology, regulation, competition, and the rise of a new type of consumer have made change the only consistent thing the banking industry can truly count on. To succeed in today’s market you need a different strategy, a different approach to how you do business, and one that calls for a different type [...]

The Client Connection: 7 Simple Secrets to Business Success with Marissa Levin

Wow! What a great interview with Successful Culture CEO, Marissa Levin, on the Client Connection. In just forty minutes, she shared seven amazing strategies, her 7 Simple Secrets to Business Success. Marissa’s information comes from the real world; her wealth of knowledge and expertise from having built two successful companies, Information Experts & Successful Culture from scratch. While I learned a lot, I still plan to listen again, and probably a third [...]

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