The Only Sales Strategy You Will Ever Need

Think about this, most things that can impact your sales success today are  outside of your control.  For example, new competitors entering the market,  advancements in technology or even the fluctuations of the market. Anyone shift or change of direction with any of those and your sales strategy can be greatly impacted – positively or negatively. So as a sales professional you need to be adaptable. You need to be open to [...]

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Adapt to Survive

5 Strategies To Succeed No Matter What This Economy Does These past few weeks I have been traveling and working in Southeast Asia. Okay, I must confess, maybe a little more traveling than working. Between speaking engagements, I have had the opportunity to take in the culture, learn the history and embrace the uniqueness of this fantastic area of the world. While touring the Cloud Forest in Singapore, I came across an [...]

Top 8 New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS

Happy New Year! Are You Ready for Success in 2018? Every New Year, we share the trends and the strategies that will drive growth in the coming year. We discuss what precisely you need to be doing to position your business and your team to surpass your goals and reach new levels of performance.  These are the SOLUTIONS that create serious growth in 2018!  8 New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS!  Voice Of The Customer  [...]

Happy Holidays!

3 Things To Remember This Holiday Season ~ Family, Friends and Giving Back. Hard to believe it is almost here, that holiday season we wait for all year. The time to take a break from work, spend a little more time with family and friends, and just relax and enjoy the most important things in life, the reasons we work so hard. So as you get ready to wind your business down, [...]

The Problem with Blame – 3 Business Strategies to Take Ownership

Do Not Get Caught in Greece’s Trap I have to admit… Sometimes it is kind of fun to sit down with your friends, whine, complain and have a great gripe session. There is some odd kind of camaraderie that we create, a community of sorts that we gain from sharing and wallowing in self-pity. But as fun as that seems, we have only to look at the crisis going on in Greece [...]

The Client Connection: Follow Up with Yuhannes Watts

A colleague of mine just called to say thank you! She tuned in to my interview with Yuhannes Watts, LinkedIn Expert, where he shared his tips, ideas and strategies to Brand Yourself As The Go To Expert In Your Field. If you missed it, not a problem, I have attached the download for you, make sure to turn in because Yuhannes Watts’ session gives you important information on how to create a [...]

Are You Telling Your Customers Too Much? 5 Strategies To Get The Second Date

I was out to dinner with a client when her phone rang. She apologetically excused herself and got up to take the call. We were at the new hot spot in town: a trendy and, at this moment, very crowded restaurant. Not wanting to endure a two-hour wait for a table, we grabbed a seat in the bar at one of those community tables—you know the ones: long seats that fit about [...]

Accountability: The Key to Motivation

Years ago, I was asked to give a keynote speech to a group of leaders in the insurance industry. The topic? Motivation. Specifically, motivating employees in tough economic times. Understand that it was 2008 when the economy was just starting to struggle, and the insurance industry (like most industries) was feeling the first real impact of the economic downturn. Understanding the need to keep their teams and associates engaged, the company hired [...]

Using LinkedIn To Make More Connections!

For those of us lucky enough to listen to The Client Connection yesterday, we had the opportunity to spend some time learning from one of the best – Financial Social Media Expert Amy Mcllwain. She did a great interview, and shared with us her expertise about how to use this powerful medium to get noticed, make better connections and build relationships. As an expert in the field of financial services she was [...]

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