Five Strategies To Increase Product Knowledge

You know what they say – knowledge is power. So that is indeed true when it comes to selling and even more so when you are selling financial services. It is not going to come as any surprise that if you want to sell effectively, you must have a strong understanding of the products and services you offer, and more importantly precisely how those products benefit your customers. Product knowledge is an [...]

Customer Service – The difference between Poor to Great

One CRITICAL Step to Get Employees on Board My work as a business coach and sales and service speaker has me traveling quite a bit. I often must run errands and take care of family business while on the road. This past week, in between speaking engagements in South Carolina, I needed to pick-up a graduation card for my nephew. Luckily for me, I quickly found a CVS pharmacy and pulled right [...]

Are You Driving Customers Away?

Three Strategies To Keep Your Customers From The Competition  I am an instant gratification person! The moment I decide I want or need something, I want to get it, buy it, or find it! So shopping online, for me, has never been a great option. That whole waiting 24-hours seems like a lifetime. That is especially true when it comes to shopping at the holidays. Now, to be honest, I do not [...]

Business Growth: The New Rules

The new rules of business growth include knowing and understanding what a relationship is and how to build one. 3 Strategies To Better Know Your Customer Business growth in today's economy relies the relationship you have with your customers, but providing excellent customer service isn't enough. In today's economy, you have to rise above the white noise and really stand out against your competition. Let me illustrate: My husband and [...]

We Are Your Customers & We Are Precious!

4 Strategies To Attract More Customers, Win More Business, Close More Sales A week ago I called my doctor’s office to schedule an elective procedure. A  procedure that I did not need to get, a procedure that I was more than ready to  pay full fee for, and one for which I was paying cash (no insurance, no copays). Now for me, finding time to schedule appointments, let alone actually go the [...]

Why Your Customer’s Story Matters

The following is a guest blog post by the extremely talented Kelly Swanson, a motivational speaker and comedian of For more info about Kelly and her work, please see her bio & info at the bottom of the post. The biggest secret I have learned as a motivational speaker who uses the power of story to connect, influence, and get results, is that it is always about them – the audience [...]

3 Surefire Steps to Drive Sales (And the Customer Experience)

(Image Courtesy of ddpavumba/Freedigitalphotos) Two days before Christmas, on top of everything else we had to do, my husband made a decision that we needed to buy a new truck. Now, I will admit, our truck was old & giving us some trouble. And this is the time of the year, if you are going to buy a car or a truck, that you should buy one. However, it was the holidays; [...]

The Power of Your Weakest Link

(Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/ A week or so ago, my laptop computer, the one I travel with, take on all my client calls, and consider my right arm, just quit holding a charge. In an effort to get that last end-of-the-year tax write off, I quickly drove across town to the local computer store to have my laptop analyzed and assess whether it could be fixed or whether it was [...]

The ROI of Investing In the Customer Experience

(Image Courtesy of Mr Lightman/ The best learning takes place far away from the classroom, and there is no better place to learn about customer service and the impact on your bottom line than paying attention to your everyday life. I am in Hawaii right now keynoting for one of my favorite clients, a financial institution that is innovative, creative and committed to taking it to the next level. We are currently [...]