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Best speaker ever at our annual conference”


“You are a ROCK STAR! You took our event to a whole new level. Your innovative message, your energy – amazing!


“Meredith. I’ve invested an enormous amount of money in training during COVID. And, I learned more in your 60-minute session than anything else I’ve tried in the past 3 months. I’m so grateful. Thank you for sharing your strategies, ideas, and experience”


"One of the BEST experiences we have ever had with a speaker. You were the talk of the event - our members loved you! Surveys are at an all-time high. So appreciate you going above and beyond to customize and deliver. We will definitely have you back."

- John Henderson, Director of Learning and Development, EANE (Employers Association of Northeast)

"Thank you - you were amazing. We have never had a speaker with a MORE relevant message. You had our members on the edge of their seats, taking notes and totally engaged. You're funny, motivating, and THRIVE is exactly the message every employer and CEO needs to hear. Total joy to work with - again thank you."

- Linda Olejniczak, Director of Research and Event Planning, ASE (American Society of Employers)

"Bar none, one of the BEST speakers we have ever had. No one ever stays for the second session, and every single CEO came back - UNBELIEVABLE. You can guarantee we will be working together again."

- Bruce Phibbs, ABM Industries

Meridith's session THRIVE: Turning Uncertainty To Competitive Advantage was amazing. It was the perfect combination of hope, empowerment, and gave us concrete action steps that we can take right now. LOVED it!

“THE BEST presentation I’ve heard in MONTHS! Loved listening to your insights – you totally shifted my paradigm. I’m so excited to follow you and learn more!”


"You were amazing as always. Loved having you back - and each time you come you deliver new, relevant and even more powerful content. THRIVE could not have been more spot on!"

- Caroline Sutton, Senior Meeting Planner, CRMCA

"WOW - you were amazing. Your customization was just incredible, your energy, your message, you were the talk of the event - they loved you! Thank you for everything - you have been amazing to work with!"

- Patti DeWalt, Butler Builders

"You nailed it!  The perfect message - exactly what we needed our team. Powerful leadership message, perfect delivery, and your energy is off the chart!"

- Yasser Yousseff, President, The Budd Group

"Fantastic presentation – you made the first in-person meeting of the MDRT Global Council in two years worth the wait. Incredible energy, tactical strategies, and fresh perspective on how to capitalize on these shifts in the marketplace. Just the speaker we needed. Nine different countries represented – and you were relevant for every single leader.”

- Randy Scritchfield, President, Million Dollar Roundtable

"She had me in the first 30-seconds, high energy, amazing content, stories so relevant to the Nantahala Outdoor Center - every board member, dishwasher, and raft guide, needs to experience Meridith!”

- John Burton, Chief Marketing Officer, Nantahala Outdoor Center

"I have heard nothing but positive comments about your program – our members loved you. Plus you are a joy to work with!”

- Molly Mullins, NAHAD

“Our Global Council raved about your message, your energy, and your ability to be so engaging, and relatable with such a diverse audience. Nine different countries, five interpreters, and high-level professionals with a variety of challenges and opportunities – you NAILED IT!”

- Pam Brown, MDRT

“Our reps loved you! Your message was so spot on, your energy, your stories – just perfect.”

- Mark Hunter, Clopay

"Thank you so much for speaking at our conference - wow our members LOVED you. You had them on the edge of their seat, taking notes, and totally engaged. Exactly the information they needed as they into the challenges of 2023."

- Michele Pipitone, VP, Satellite INC

"Fantastic - your message (THRIVE: Turning Uncertainty To Your Competitive Advantage) was exactly what our members needed to hear. You customized it all so well and made it so relevant for our members - thank you!"

- Mark Leazer, Executive Director, AOPD 

“You were amazing, our sales team loved you, and your message of how to push through this challenge was exactly what we needed to hear.”

- Katie Allen, Medtronic 

“Fantastic – THRIVE is a powerful message, and our members loved you!”

- Natalie Toler, Virginia Automobile Dealers Association 

"You were FANTASTIC!! Truly!! ‘Thrive’ is such a great message.....there was so much from that session, we have years of thankful to have you. You are a POWERFUL virtual presenter!”

- Becky Bongiovanni, CEO, CarePatrol 

"I absolutely loved your session. You are AMAZING. Your message is super strong and your delivery on point. I want you back next year!"

- Colleen Sieber, COO, CarePatrol 

"Hands down one of the BEST Speakers we have had in ten years. Our owners LOVED you - - we have never had a speaker who had capacity attendance for both keynotes. Your energy, your message, and your ability to engage our members - the best we have seen."

- Bruce Phibbs, VP, ABM Franchising 

"You are exactly who our "pros" needed right now! Your message on how to turn uncertainty to competitive advantage is so relevant and so strong. Love the research you have done, your proven methodology, and the energy and value you bring when delivering. Putting your ideas into action right now."

- Alexa Greenberg, Director of Meetings & Events, HouseCall Pros 

“Meridith had our Advisor/Owners captivated from start to finish, and the positive feedback has been tremendous. We’ll definitely ask her back.”

- Ken Adams, Managing Partners, Edward Jones

“She had me in the first 30-seconds, high energy, amazing content, stories so relevant to VOYA Financial– how she crafted her message to connect with such a diverse audience - fantastic!”

- Barb Orvis, Senior Meeting Planner, Voya Financial

“Our franchisees LOVED you. Cannot thank you enough for how much time you invested in getting to know us. It showed in your presentation – your techniques, your stores, your strategies for the team were so customized and exactly what our team – corporate, owners and team members needed.”

- Ken Hutcheson, CEO, US Lawns

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