August 21

The Fusion Marketing Bible with Lon Safko


TFMB Cover Left 72 SMFor anyone who listened to The Client Connection this week, I’m sure you found it to be as interesting as I did! I’m still considering all of the really valuable information that Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible, shared with us. He’s a man who certainly knows what he’s talking about, as illustrated by the fact that his book just broke the $2m retail sales mark. Well-deserved recognition for a true expert in his field!

As Lon began sharing about his new book, The Fusion Marketing Bible, he pointed out that when we think about social media, too often we think of the tool –  the medium – as the key to success. Lon points out to us that this simply isn’t true. Social media is not about the tool – it’s not about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – it’s about using those tools to build trust in our relationships which will then help us reach our goals. And defining those specific marketing goals needs to be put in focus in order to be successful.

I learned a lot and took many notes after the call (and even became distracted at one moment during the call and had to jot down an important note) and I plan to listen to the discussion again to capture all of the valuable information that Lon shared. Here I’d like to share the 4 key strategies and principles that I learned from The Fusion Marketing Bible discussion:

  1. Understand What Marketing Really Is – Check your definition of what social media is because Facebook is not a marketing strategy, it’s a tool. Social media is just one of the 3 marketing platforms Lon outlined: 
    • Traditional – includes “push” marketing, such print, television, radio.
    • Digital – includes one-way tools like SEO that are important for visibility and presence, but fail to create two-way interactions.
    • Social – two-way communications between you and your customers that provide sales people with a platform to create conversations. The more that we engage in social media, the more that we build trusting relationships with potential customers and by investing in those relationships, we eventually convert the conversation into revenue.
  2. Test & Measure Your Marketing ROI – Marketing is not about you; it’s about your customers. Whether you like social media or not, if your customers are there, you need to be there too. However, there’s no point spinning your wheels on social media if that is not where you’re finding your customers. All 3 types of marketing platforms are still relevant and, to be successful in marketing and sales, you have to test and measure your advertising ROI in all 3 areas to determine where you time, energy, and money is best spent. Measure what is working, and don’t just blindly do what you’ve always done. Measure your true marketing ROI.
  3. Clearly Define Your Marketing Goals – Reconsider your marketing goals and write them down. Marketing goals should not be about making sales. You should have specific marketing goals, like doing more webinars, or conducting more interviews, building your email lists, increasing your international presence, etc. Breakout your goals into traditional and social/digital and use the social wheel, defined in The Client Connection, to think of marketing ideas that you’ve never considered before. When you blend marketing ideas, new creative tools are born. Write down your objectives for the next 6 months, and then ask yourself what mediums are going to get to your goals.  The more specific that you get, the higher your success rate will be.
  1. Get “Tradigital” – Once you’ve defined your marketing goals, follow your core strategies, while trying some new strategies along the way. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so start small. For example, print ads in a specific niche magazine, Twitter, and LinkedIn might be part of your core strategy. However, spend a little bit of time on something new, like Pinterest, and see if the measurable results are worth further time investment. Measure it, and then add a campaign.Lon Safko 04 Head (1)

In my talk with Lon, I really learned just how much the paradigm needs to shift when it comes to how we think about social media and also, how we’re going to see social media and the fusion between marketing tools in the future. Thanks again to Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible, and to all of you for listening and reading.

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