January 6

The One Sure Fire Strategy For Success

4 Steps To Help You Implement It

Have you ever listened to The Winningest Podcast with Adam Wynns? It’s a great show about what it takes to really succeed in today’s marketplace. I was lucky enough this past week to be a guest, and the opening question was so powerful I decided to devote this week’s video and blog post to it.

Now, remember, Adam’s podcast is about success, wealth, and exceeding goals. I was all set to talk about business, sales, and mindset. But Adam caught me off guard by opening the podcast with the question, “Which comes first health or wealth?” At that moment, I knew this podcast, and this discussion was going to a whole new level.

That question, at the basic level, means should you first pursue health first, your body mind and spirit, or wealth, the financial resources to chase health and anything else you want to. Which is more important?

You can easily argue this both ways, right? I mean, if you have money, it may not make you healthier, but it can make getting healthy so much easier. You can buy the right food, hire reliable trainers, the best doctors, and the list goes on. Trying to get healthy without money, well, that is a bigger challenge.

So, you may think I answered that question by saying wealth. Well, you’d be wrong – I said health. Health, for me, always comes first. I read an article a few years ago called The Corporate Athlete. The article, which was published in the Harvard Business Review, states that to reach your full potential, to be all that you can be, you need to be at your best. At your best mentally and physically.

By society measures, you may be successful. Have a great job, make plenty of money, but to reach your level of success, your full potential, you have to take care of your health. That article took what I knew instinctively (I grew up with a mother that was famous for saying if you have your health, you have everything) and backed it up with research and science. The statistics are compelling.

The key to success in business begins with taking care of yourself and turning inward to do the work on your most valuable assets, your body, and your mind. The healthier you are, the better you will feel, the better you feel, the better you will perform.

4 Strategies To Increase Health and Drive Success

1. Create A Vision – a vision of what you want professionally and personally, what you want your life to look like, but also how you want to look and feel physically and mentally. I suggest to my clients to create a vision board that gives them a strong visual of what success looks like. When you take the time to think about success, you will see it is more significant than your job or your company.

2. Prioritize Your Health – make the first goal of anything you want to achieve your health. Whether that is expanding your company, spending more time with your family, or increasing your wealth. Begin the process of achieving that goal with steps to improve your health.

3. Start Small – like you did not build your company or get promoted into your role in a day, improving your health takes time and commitment. You want these changes to be long-term, so start small. If you don’t eat right, pick one meal to eat healthily rather than change your entire diet. If you want to meditate, do it for five minutes rather than an hour. Change takes time, and starting small will make it easier to accomplish.

4. Permit Yourself – to put yourself first. I know you have a busy schedule and more on your “to-do” list than anyone can do. So, if you are not going to get it all done anyway, then give yourself a break and permission every day to get a little exercise, find the healthy food to eat, and the downtime to decompress and lower your stress level.

Health, to me, is the last frontier of career success. When you understand how critical it is in the process, and how much of an impact it can make, then you’ll invest the time to do what it takes to become your own Corporate Athlete.


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