August 20

The Power of 4th Quarter


Supercharge Your 4th Quarter to Ensure Success for Next Year

Can you believe it, summer is just about over, and we are all getting ready for the upcoming long weekend – it’s coming fast. That means only one more selling month before we move into the last quarter of the year.

So, how are you doing? How are your numbers? Will you hit your goals? Whether you are on track to have your best sales year ever, or you find yourself just a little behind, you need this fourth quarter to be strong.

Full Steam Ahead in the Last Quarter

You see, the fourth quarter is famous for being the quarter is when sales professionals tend to slow down, stop selling, and over-indulge in activities that do anything but keep sales growing. I get it; most of you have worked hard all year to meet your sales goals, you’re tired. You’ve had three straight quarters of exceeding your sales quotas and ensuring that your bottom line is healthy and strong. Not only that, the fourth quarter comes with schedule overload: budgeting, the holidays, parties, and a much-needed break from the everyday routine.

So, there are plenty of reasons to sit back, relax, and coast through the fourth quarter. However, if you want to finish strong, outsell your competitors, and you want a successful next year, now is the time to power-up your sales strategy and keep selling straight the close of next year.

4th Quarter Checklist: Four Strategies to Finish Strong

  1. Stop and Review – take an hour and sit down to review your year. Where are you with your goal? What were your best months? What business closed? Who didn’t buy and why? Who haven’t you called on that you need to? Before heading into the fourth quarter, you need to get a good baseline, a clear understanding of where you are, what you have done, and what you have left to accomplish.
  1. Build A Plan – next, start building your plan. There is not much time in the fourth quarter. Oh, it may be three months just like every other quarter, but they go fast. With holidays, end of year pressures, and many of your customers dealing with their own sales issues, there is not much time. Get a clear picture of whom you will call on, when, and why? How will you use the holidays? What will you do to position sales in the new year? It would be best if you had a strategy for the 4th quarter to make it effective.
  1. Review and Adjust – once you implement your plan, don’t stop there. Every three weeks or so take the time to review and adjust. Maybe there is a customer you forgot about that you need to add, perhaps someone you are wasting your time with, or a better idea on how to sell into the upcoming Holidays. Whatever it is, set thirty-minute strategy sessions with yourself every few weeks to review and adjust your plan.
  1. Full Court Press – last but not least use the holidays as the time to lay on the full-court press. Most of your competitors will back-off thinking their customers are busy, or just wanting to take time off themselves. While pushing for a sale can be the wrong strategy at the holiday season, it is a great time to add value and position yourself for success for the first quarter of the following new year.

Whatever your strategy, whatever your ideas, understand that the 4th quarter is the most critical quarter of the year. Take the time now to invest in building your strategy, making your contact list, and scheduling your calendar to sell harder in the fourth quarter than you did all year.

The return on investment will not only be a strong last quarter, but your hard work will position you to make the following new year your best year on record.


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