September 24

The Power of a Morning Routine


All you have to do is a little googling to find countless articles and videos on why a morning routine is essential and the virtues of why most successful people have one. But have you ever wondered why morning routines matter, why they work, and what impact they really have on your day?

Nope, me either, until now that is! Chance are if you are reading this article you are one of three kinds of people: someone who has a morning routine and is wholly committed to it, someone who has always wanted to start a morning routine or just a skeptic who is looking for more ammunition to throw darts at the impact of a  morning routine.

Whoever you are, I am just glad you’re here.  And yes, even the naysayers, because this article is not about data, research and trying to prove to anyone they need a morning routine. It is just to give you ideas, and insight on the difference a morning routine can make, and how to create or improve yours.

Because morning routines really only work if you believe in them and are committed to them. So, the first hurdle in creating a morning routine is you. So, if you still think they’re hogwash then there’s no need to read further.

But if you’re someone who is on board or inclined that way, let’s look further.

Laying the Foundation for Your Routine

Morning routines are powerful because they set the tone for your day. So many of us are overscheduled, busy, and spend our entire day in reactive mode just trying to catch up. Morning routines are the one part of your day that you control, where you’re in charge. A time when you get to set an intention, think about your day, and decide what you want to happen, and what you want to create.

Mornings are also the time of the day when you have the most willpower, the most ability to make decisions that are more about what you want to be or become. We all have dreams, habits you want to make, changes in your lives you would like to see. A morning routine creates the space to let you do that. Set an intention, think about that intention, and then really visualize how that intention will come about.

Yes,  if you believe in morning routines, they can be a great way not only to start your day but a strong investment in yourself.

So how do you start a morning routine, or how do you make the one you have even stronger?

How to Create a Morning Ritual that Works Best for You

  1. Get Clear – first, you need to think about how you want your morning routine to be like, and what you want it to manifest. Get clear on your intention. My morning routine consists of visualization, reviews of my goals, setting my priorities for my day, and what new habit I am working on. Whatever it is, just be clear on what you want to create with your morning routine.
  2. Make The Time – yes that may mean you have to get up earlier, reorganize your morning, or whatever it takes. For a morning routine to have an impact, you need to do it consistently, and you need to commit the time.
  3. Meditate – think about including some meditation. Now before you resist, meditation does not have to be a lot, even five or ten minutes will work. Just some time for your mind to quiet, and you to get in touch with your emotions, feelings, and to listen to your gut.
  4. Rinse and Repeat – every sixty-days or so assess your morning routine, what is working for you, what is not, and what if anything you would like to add or change. Every few months, I add a new goal, or a new exercise, just something to keep it fresh.

A morning routine is a great way to start your day, and a powerful way to ensure you’re productive, efficient, and happier with your life. Morning routines put you in the driver’s seat and let you start controlling your life rather than your life controlling you.

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