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The Secret To Closing More Sales


5 Strategies Guaranteed to Fill Your Pipelines & Take The Stress Out Of Sales

Do you know the hardest time to close a sale, the absolute hardest? That’s right; it is when you need a sale to close. The moment that you are desperate is the moment that that deal, that hot deal, that one that you knew was going to close slips through your fingers.

The key to sales success, we all know it, is to have a pipeline that is so full, that if one deal slips through, we have twenty more coming right behind. But for most of us, that is tough. Unless your job is full-time sales, you have other responsibilities, other roles you have to fill, and fires you have to put on.

Let’s Get Real and Get Productive.

When it comes to sales, we are always told to take massive action. To make twenty-thirty even fifty calls a day. But who has time for that? I mean really, that is like committing to exercise two hours every day or read a book a week. Great ideas, but keeping that going long-term is just tough.

We are busy people with busy lives, and we have more to do to keep our businesses running then sell. So I want to share my secret to closing more sales, keeping your pipeline full, and taking the stress out of the sales process.  This probably goes against everything you have ever heard about sales.

Instead of taking massive action, making hundreds of calls a week, I want you to make two or three. That’s right, just two or three. Why? Because making two or three a day is “doable,” and the secret to closing more sales is consistency. Yep, it is not sexy; it is not magic; it is not earth-shattering – but it is what you need to do – be consistent.

Strategies Guaranteed to Fill Your Pipelines & Take The Stress Out Of Sales

  1. Be Prepared – if you want to be consistent with your sales call, then you need to be prepared. Spending time thinking about who you are going to call on, getting their contact information, deciding what you are going to say takes time. So the more you can do ahead of time, the better. Take a day and make a contact list of at least 100 people you want to call on this year. Get all of the contact information. Create a script of what you will say on the first reach out. The more prepared you are, the less time a sales call will take.
  2. Use a CRM – a customer relationship management system. If you want to be consistent with selling, then you need somewhere to keep your notes, and something to remind you to make calls. A CRM does that perfectly. But you have to use it. Enter information into it. Keep it up to date.
  3. Stay Small – even if you are feeling over-enthusiastic, keep it small. No more than two or three calls a day. Remember, we ware going for consistency, something you can keep up and keep going. Two to three calls will not take much time, and it will be easy for you to fit into your schedule.
  4. No Instant Gratification – don’t look for instant response, or get discouraged if your calls are not yielding results. We are playing a long game. So be patient.
  5. Watch The Domino Effect – last but not least, watch the impact that making daily calls make if you commit to two sales calls per day, for one year, that is 730 calls a year. WOW! Consistency pays off. You end up making a lot of sales calls that turn into more closed sales.

The key to success in sales is consistency; staying with the program. But to be consistent, you have to be realistic. Building a sales strategy that you will do day-in and day-out is your secret to opening more doors and closing more sales.

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