October 5

Thrive 10-4th Quarter


Hey, this is Meredith Elliot Powell and I need to ask you the question today. What are you doing to get ready for the fourth quarter? What are you doing to get your sales team ready for the fourth quarter? It is just about the beginning of October. We are headed into the most important sales quarter of the year. Now, I know you can argue maybe first quarter is more important or what you do in third. I hear you, but I love fourth quarter. This is the time when you want to put your foot on the gas, when you want to have a plan and you want to have a strategy. In other words, your very next sales meeting, You need to sit down and decide who you’re going to call on, what you’re going to accomplish and how you’re going to maximize the fourth quarter. Here’s a couple of quick tips. Number one, you want to go back and find all those clients you’ve called on this year that haven’t resulted in a sale. It’s time to revisit them for the fourth quarter, Find out how they’re finishing the year, how they plan to start off 2022. You need a holiday plan. You know that time when everybody else is partying or just deciding that they’re going to take a little bit of time off. That’s when you want to be out calling on people. Getting visible with people. So how are you going to maximize the holidays coming up the next couple of months? and last, but not least, what is your plan to really make sure you’ve got appointments for that very first week of January? the last couple of calls that I make in fourth quarter. I always like to tell people to have a wonderful holiday season. I realize they’re busy with the end of the year things, but I want to set an appointment for the first two weeks of January. So that we can hit the ground running, making sure that they are ready to accomplish their goals. So whatever your plan is for the fourth quarter, you need to make it and you need to make it now. This is the quarter you need to be most strategic. You’ve heard it a thousand times. The way you finish the year is the way you are going to start 2022. So put your foot on the gas and finish 2021 strong. Alright, we’ll see you next week with another tip.


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